On this page, we provide information on the history of our development and how we came to be the way we are today. Thank you for your interest and hope you always enjoy shopping with us!

A Bit of History

The early 90s

Our store appeared in the 1990s and since then has been developing non-stop for its growing army of customers. From the very beginning, we clearly defined out goals, working hard for our customers to get access to best quality drugs, efficient service, and reliable delivery. With so many customers to satisfy and experience we gained over the years, we managed to become on of the leading pharmacies out there, catering to the needs of our regular and new visitors every day. We understand the importance of the individual approach to every customer and are ready to work hard to improve our service and terms of delivery, for your shopping experience to be more rewarding.


This period was very important in our history, as we gained the attention of customers from across the world. Canadian Health&Care Mall became known to thousands of new customers from different countries and even continents, while we were making sure each one of those customers felt comfortable placing an order.

Our high professionalism and the fact we employ most qualified industry professional make us number one destination for many customers across the world. We want for your shopping with us to be perfect, so we never offer medications that are less than perfect in quality. In addition, we guarantee your full security when placing an order and providing your personal information.

You may still be hesitating about ordering your medications online, but we are unlike any other pharmacy you may have seen before. Our pharmacy was created for the comfort and convenience of every customer, so keeping you safe is one of our priorities. You can always be sure the drugs you ordered will arrive just as promised and the quality will be impeccable. You can also count on the fast and qualified help of our support service staff, no matter if it’s about a question you want to ask or sorting out any issue, no matter how complicated. Our customers always get the attention and respect they deserve, because this is what we are there for.

While we consider top quality meds and high level of service something every customer is entitled to, we are always sure to add to that discreet packaging and fast delivery (even overnight delivery, if this is what you need). We take good care of our customers in a variety of ways and making sure you can start your treatment without any delays is one of the ways to make sure you are always happy with our work. Even though all our customers are already happy with what they get when they place their order, we keep working on becoming even better and offering even a wider range of services everyone can appreciate.


After so many years of developing and adding new services and products, we had some time to stop and look back, evaluating our success and the steps we took to be closer to our customers. This helped us understand better what our customers wanted and how we could become even better for them, expanding our range of services, list of products and offering new ways of benefitting from online shopping for their medications. We explore new options and possibilities to bring high-quality drugs closer to you, making them more affordable.

We work hard to be the best in whatever we do, so whether you need efficient customer support, qualified medical advice or just a nice choice of prescription drugs, you can find it all on our site. Our high standards and desire to work hard for our customers will save you tons of money every time.
We employ only best professionals in the industry, so whenever you need efficient and timely help, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit our website any time you need high-quality treatment that you are not ready to overpay for, and we will make sure you find what you are looking for.