Baldness is probably the second most important issue for modern men after problems with potency. When daily a large amount of hair disappears and non-aesthetic bold areas appear, it is necessary to begin effective treatment. Of course, male baldness does not affect the overall health of the body, but it significantly lowers self-esteem and self-confidence, causes inconvenience, develops complexes.

Men can start to lose their hair at different ages. Some notice this problem as early as 30 years, others closer to 50. Most often the cause of it is androgenic alopecia – male pattern baldness. It is due to excessive amounts of DHT hormone in the blood. The larger amount of it, the more compressed hair follicles are. From this hair starts to die off and nothing grows in their place.

One of the best drugs for male pattern baldness treatment is by far generic Propecia. The drug has passed all clinical trials that have shown excellent results. In more than 80% of tested patients, hair loss process has not only stopped, but there was an increase of growth of new follicles. Side effects were almost completely absent and reviews prove that price for 1 mg pleased every consumer who had ever bought it.

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  1. What is Propecia?
  2. What is Propecia Made of and its Pharmacologic Effect?
  3. Pharmacokinetics
  4. Action Mechanism
  5. What is Propecia Used for?
  6. Instruction for Use
  7. What is it Used for?
  8. Overdose and Consequences
  9. Contraindications
  10. Side Effects
  11. Interactions with Other Drugs
  12. Test Results
  13. Efficiency

Propecia in Details

What is Propecia?

propecia detailsRegular hair loss is one of the most common problems of modern men and women. Hundreds of people around the world suffer from alopecia, which can occur in young and old age. In some people, hair loss is accompanied by strong nervous stress or excitement, while in others it is the result of previously transferred diseases of cardiovascular system, and some are inclined to such problems due to the presence of bad hereditary predisposition.

However, in any case, do not worry, because in early 21st century way out of this situation has been found. And the name of it is effective and safe medication – Propecia.

It not only effectively copes with its intended purpose but also struggles with the problem caused by the presence of genetic tendency of this disease to develop. By purchasing the generic drug, after a few months, you will see the result of its action.

Numerous clinical trials have shown that Propecia is number one means in the liquidation of lesion center. Acting quickly and effectively, it is cleared from the body within a few hours. Excellent results of drug impact were confirmed by numerous positive feedback from those who have already tried it in action. Propecia is produced in small pills that are indicated for use only to males. In just a few months, they allow you to completely normalize the natural process of hair growth in the crown area and on the forehead.

What is Propecia Made of and its Pharmacologic Effect?

Propecia is a medical means which includes active substance finasteride (1 mg). Finasteride is an inhibitor of enzyme – 5-alpha reductase – which basic function is a conversion of testosterone to more active dihydrotestosterone. This enzyme has become in demand as early as 1990 when in urology specialists began to conduct medical treatment of hyperplasia. Reduces DHT in blood and prostate tissue.

It inhibits stimulatory effect of dihydrotestosterone on benign prostatic hyperplasia development. Finasteride helps to reduce the size of enlarged prostate, improves urine flow and reduces symptoms associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy. It may take several months of treatment to reduce clinical manifestations of the disease.


Well absorbed into tissues and body fluids, found in the ejaculate. Bioavailability is 80% and is independent of food intake. Cmax is achieved within 1 – 2 hours. Binding with plasma protein – 90%. Metabolites are excreted by kidneys (39%) and intestine (57%). T1/2 – 6 – 8 hours. Long-term reception (3 – 7 months) of 5 mg/day reduces serum concentration of 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone by 70%.

Action Mechanism

Does Propecia work? Its action surprises with its speed and efficiency. Intended specifically for treating alopecia on the background of hereditary factors, the drug gives excellent results after only a few months of its regular use.

Hair growth is recovering over the entire area of the head, from the crown to large and deep bold areas on the forehead. And instead of fallen and weakened hair new, healthy and very strong hair appear.

With regular use (one pill a day for 3 – 5 months) in the human body, there is a slow reaction of conversion of testosterone to more active compound that can energize, revitalize and completely renew both external and internal condition of hair follicles. Due to the fact that this element does not affect directly production of enzymes, and only for some time stops their impact, an effect is maintained during the time when a patient uses the drug.

After regular intake of pills for six to seven months, a man can see not usual fluff but the grown hair of medium length. Canadian Health&Care Mall experts are of the opinion that if this means does not give clear results after a year of use, you need to stop taking it: perhaps due to individual characteristics of the organism continuing treatment with it is impractical.

Propecia for hair loss

What is Propecia Used for?

The main indication for this drug use is androgenic or hereditary alopecia in men. Pills contribute to enhanced hair growth, as well as the elimination of slightest manifestations of their loss. Do not start treatment if alopecia is caused by other factors.

The highly effective pharmaceutical agent can be used by patients of different age categories. Curative effect of the drug is in the hormonal effect of finasteride, which is a part of medication.

Finasteride is recommended for prostate cancer. The drug is effective at prostate adenoma. According to reviews, if you take finasteride, as a result, it is possible to significantly reduce clinical manifestations of adenoma in men and prevent the necessity for surgical treatment of the disease.

Instruction for Use

Effect of taking this drug is felt only in case of regular use. Minimal treatment period is three months, maximal – 10 – 12 months. Propecia is necessary to take once a day (not on an empty stomach), washing down with plenty of warm water. The daily dose should be identified by a doctor at the examination.

In any case do not engage in self-medication, because improper Propecia use can give opposite effect. Usually, duration of therapeutic course takes 3 to 6 months without breaks.

Duration of treatment depends on individual characteristics of the body of a patient, as well as its rate of hair growth. After therapy discontinuation hair goes back to its original state in the next few months.

Alcoholic beverages do not influence its effect. Canadian Pharmacy Mall experts recommend not to interrupt treatment to achieve the desired result.

What happens if I miss one or more pills of Propecia?

If you miss a generic pill, Canadian Pharmacy Mall recommends to continue on your normal schedule – take the next day only one pill. Do not try to compensate missed procedure using higher doses or more pills – will not work better or faster if you take more than one pill per day. On the contrary, you may get some negative side effects.

Overdose and Consequences

In order to establish specific implications in case of overdose, many clinical studies have been conducted by specialists. As a result, it was found that single daily administration in an amount of 200 – 400 milligrams is not harmful to patient’s health. Maximal treatment duration is one year. Any special recommendations about the use of means were also not revealed.

However, doctors strongly recommend observing reactions of the organism: in case of smallest side effects, it is necessary to immediately stop using pills and see a specialist for obtaining expert advice.


Propecia for hair lossWhen taking Propecia, doctors advise paying attention to the list of contraindications, in case of which treatment with this method may lead to worsening of patient’s health. Firstly, this drug should not be taken by women: the drug is strictly prohibited to pregnant women and women who are in an active period of lactation. Due to the presence in the female body a large number of 5a-reductase inhibitors, testosterone has no ability to convert to the active element, provoking the emergence of some abnormalities in the reproductive system of the fetus. So those who wanted to know if it is safe to use Propecia during pregnancy, the answer is clear – no.

Secondly, avoid the use of pills by children and elderly people. Thirdly, you should not neglect contraindications in case of presence of diseases, such as prostatic hyperplasia. Moreover, before starting treatment it is recommended to be examined by a specialist. Only an experienced doctor can diagnose a particular disease, undertake required tests, as well as approve the start of treatment with this drug. In addition, if you have a special sensitivity to drug components, also do not use the drug.

Contraindications include:

  • obstruction of the urinary tract in men;
  • malignant prostate tumor;
  • severe hepatic insufficiency.

Side Effects

Adverse effects, that can be caused by uncontrolled reception of Propecia, were observed in only one percent of patients studied. In most cases, the drug does not cause the appearance of negative factors. The probability of their occurrence and severity dependent on dosage and individual responsiveness of male organism. Reviews suggest that occurrence of side effects of finasteride is very rare, although they should be remembered about. In general, if you take medicine strictly according to Canadian HealthCare Mall and attending physician recommendations, many troubles can be avoided.

In rare instances, men have problems in the sexual sphere:

  • a sharp decline in the level of sexual libido;
  • insufficient erection or its absence;
  • a manifestation of first signs of erectile dysfunction;
  • reduction of the quantity of sperm and its quality worsening.

At discontinuation, these problems disappear forever. Also, mood swings can be observed in patients:

  • frequent depression;
  • nervous breakdowns;
  • the regular appearance of a depressed state.

Increased blood levels of FSH and luteinizing hormone. Reduction of concentration of certain hormones leads to the predominance of others. As a result, there may begin to develop breast enlargement in men, which at further progression is called «gynecomastia». It is necessary to pay attention to any changes in glands. Reviews of physicians indicate that there may be calcification, pain, discharge from nipples.

Manifestations of allergic reactions. Allergy to this means may be of varying severity. There may be moderate itching with urticaria and more serious conditions by type of angioedema.

Interactions with Other Drugs

There was no clinically significant interaction of finasteride with propranolol, digoxin, glyburide, warfarin, theophylline and antipyrine. Apparently, finasteride has no significant effect on P450 cytochrome enzyme system, and, accordingly, does not affect pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs metabolized via liver microsomal enzymes. At simultaneous use of finasteride with ACE inhibitors, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, nitrates, diuretics, histamine H2-receptor blockers, HMG-KoA-reductase inhibitors, NSAIDs, quinolones and benzodiazepines there are no clinically significant drug interactions.

Propecia, which in essence is another name for finasteride, became available to consumers only in 1992. Despite this, careful studies have been performed and their results are highly entertaining, because some data prove the efficacy of finasteride, while others deny them.

Test Results

Clinical studies confirm high efficiency of drug. According to their results, a little less than 90% of participants noticed that their hair stopped falling out. After a year of medication administration, half of the patients observed resumed growth of hair. And after 18 months, the percentage of men whose hair acquired «second life» rose to 66%. Let’s point out that finasteride gives amazing results, restores hair follicles on the crown, and also eliminates bold areas on the forehead, perfectly dealing with the so-called male type of alopecia. Before the advent of Propecia, it was considered that these head areas are the least treatable because that is where hair follicles that are sensitive to male sex hormone are located. This drug with proven efficacy returns hair to stronger sex.male pattern baldness problem


With regard to the treatment of female androgenic alopecia, Propecia could be just as effective, but its main active substance – finasteride – increases the possibility of congenital anomalies of the fetus in pregnant women. This has led company-developer «Merck&Co., Inc.» to introduce a special ban on the use of Propecia by women of child-bearing age.

Since finasteride is really an effective means in the fight against hair loss, it is gaining popularity all over the world. Propecia has already received permission to be used in many countries.

It is noteworthy that regular intake of finasteride leads to renewal of hair bulb, which produce vellus hair, and stimulates the growth of high-grade real hair.

It is only natural that final results may be different depending on individual characteristics of the human body. Until now it was considered that androgenic alopecia can be cured with absolute efficiency only in women. The effectiveness of drug therapy for men is usually determined in stages of the disease on Norwood scale from I to VII, and it is recommended to start treatment as early as possible in order to achieve a greater effect. If you still ask: How to stop or prevent hair loss? Canadian Health&Care Mall studies have shown that even in neglected cases use allows if not regain hair entirety, then at least completely prevent further hair loss and keep remaining amount of hair. If you show patience and persistence, repeat courses of treatment, then after a year or a little more, you will leave alopecia problems in the past and enjoy much lusher and thick hair.

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Reviews from our customers
Chris, 33
Hello. I want to tell all men who have lost hope to return normal hair on their heads, that they can solve this situation. Now I'm 33 years old, two years ago realized that hair becomes thinner, even my wife began to tease me - it was annoying. I know that it is hereditary - my grandfather and father became bald till 40 years. I asked in the Internet, whether it is possible to cure or at least stop this process. I came across finasteride reviews - everything is so great that seems suspicious. When I bought the drug (in pharmacy - generic Propecia), first read about side effects. It is a good thing that I had not changed my mind and began to take it (in secret from my wife). After 5 months, hair on my head appeared, like undercoat at animals. But then hair began to grow and thicken. I take finasteride according to instructions a little less than two years, during this time bald areas became unnoticeable and hair stopped falling out, as before. I recommend it to all who are desperate! Side effects manifested during the first month, then - nothing.

Daniel, 56
Hello. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to pharmacists who have found a cure for male pattern baldness. Yes, this is a hormonal drug, but hair grows under influence of hormones! And stop whining about side effects, there is no need not be hypochondriac! I take this remedy is already 10 years and my reviews about finasteride are most positive: my son in law has less hair on his head than me (I'm 56). And I have not ceased to be interested in women. Thank you again to producers for prolonged youth.

John, 38
I read reviews about finasteride, do not agree with everyone. I take these pills for 5 years. The first 8 months I waited patiently. I was very glad, when hair where began to grow where it was long gone. I advised it to balding friends, the drug did not help only those who took it less than six months. Very happy with the result, despite the fact that reviews on Propecia (the same drug) are different: someone's attraction to women was affected, while others become irritable. If taken wisely and according to instructions, I think, there will be no problems but normal appearance will return.

Michael, 41
I will not lie, unpleasant side effects appeared, but passed after two months. First I was really irritable, but potency and libido did not change. During sex nagging appeared in crotch (passed in 2 weeks). I did not combine it with any other drug, only washed my head with decoction of nettles. If someone did not feel effect of Propecia, then it is likely that it is individual or you have got a fake. I communicate with people undergoing treatment and for myself concluded that it actually helps if you take it at least a year, although there are those who have already seen results after a month. I would say that there are side effects in almost all drugs. I'm happy with the result - my head does not shine, hair on towel does not remain.