Alesse is one of the most effective birth control methods. This is a pill that contains the combination of two female hormones such as estrogen and progestin. This pill works to stop ovulation by preventing the release of the egg. It also increases the thickness of the vaginal fluid which makes it difficult for the sperm to reach out to the fertilized egg. However, this pill does much more than just the prevention of pregnancy.

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This birth control pill might be far from perfect. Alesse might also have some side effects. Here are some of the benefits and side effects that you can incur when you pop the pill every day.

Pros of Alesse Pills

Alesse Will Help Solve the Problem of Painful Periods

prosWhen you ovulate, your body produces the hormone progesterone. This is the hormone which is responsible for building up the lining of the uterus for creating a homely environment for the fertilized egg. When you do not become pregnant during this period, the uterus lining sheds off. This cause:

  • Cramps;
  • Heavy bleeding;
  • Bloating;
  • A headache

However, when you take this contraceptive from Canadian Health and Care Mall, you break menstruation cycle. You do not ovulate and thus, you do not suffer from the problems of a heavy period.

You Can Choose to Skip Your Menstruation

It is not necessary for you to have a period every month. With Alesse Birth Control you can stop your monthly flow. In fact, this procedure is considered to be absolutely safe. Skipping your monthly flow will help in preventing endometriosis that is the pain that is related to periods. In case, you have a headache or a migraine every time that you take the birth control pill, you can take this pill and avoid the problem.

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Alesse Can Relieve PMS Symptoms

The consistent dose of hormones that you get from the contraceptive will help you get rid of the mood swings which are known to be associated with a pre-menstrual syndrome. In fact, these pills have a kind of progesterone which can ease the symptoms of PMS which affects about 10% of women.

Alesse Birth Control Will Help You Get Clear Skin

Acne is a problem which is triggered by the hormone called testosterone. Quite contrary to popular belief these women do have them in small doses. This is because a birth control pill helps in reducing the amount of free testosterone that is circulating in your body. It reduces the acne caused by hormones. Thus, it helps you to get a clearer and acne free skin.

Cons of Alesse Contraceptives

Increased Risk of Stroke and Blood Clots

consThe hormones present in the birth control pills are responsible for:

  • Blood clotting;
  • Cardiovascular arrest;
  • Stroke

With increasing the problem of a blood clot, the risk of stroke also increases. This is because blood clot is responsible for blocking the blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to your brain. This causes an ischemic stroke, particularly if you are over 35 years and addicted to smoking.

Lowered Sex Drive

There is one side effect of this contraceptive which can affect your sexual life. When the free testosterone is removed from your body, it can make your vagina dry. However, the good thing is that this is a rare side effect. When your vagina becomes dry, sex becomes painful for you and you lose interest in sex.

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Increased Risk of Some Particular Cancers

It has been noticed that taking birth control pill for a long period of time can be the reason behind cervical cancer. The longer you take this pills from Canadian Health and Care Mall, the greater is the risk of this developing this cancer. However, the risk is eventually reduced when you stop taking these pills. It can also be responsible for increasing the risk of breast cancer.

However, the good news is that it can help in reducing the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer.

You should inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the component of the drug either estrogen or progestin. You should not take the drug if you have:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Diabetes;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Heart issues;
  • Kidney problem;
  • Liver problem;
  • Thyroid issues

When you have diabetes and consume this medicine then it becomes difficult for your body to control the blood sugar level. Thus, it is important that you check your blood sugar level when you take this medicine. Also, do not take this medication if you are already pregnant or planning to become pregnant in near future. Do not skip a dosage of this pill from Canadian Health and Care Mall as it might increase possible of you getting pregnant. When you overdose, call for immediate medical help.