Alesse and acne are two closely connected notions. Very often acne cause lies in hormone fluctuations. As a consequence, hormones “go crazy” and sebaceous glands perform in an uncontrolled rate.

The result is facial rash. Does Alesse help with acne? Hormones are the most common cause of acne in teenagers, pregnant women and during menstruation. How to solve such a problem? Here birth control may become an acne treatment.
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Oral contraceptives have expressed anti-androgen effect – these drugs reduce male sex hormones in the female body.

Androgens regulate sebum and sebaceous glands production. Androgen excess consequence is oily skin (as result acne). On this basis, use of birth control medications can give you the following outcomes in acne treatment:

  • a significant decrease (or complete disappearance) of rashes if they were caused by hormonal disorders (hormonal acne). Therefore, if a problem is not in the failure of hormonal background, contraceptives will provide no effect.
  • reducing fat skin content, pores narrowing. Androgen suppression reduces production of sebum, which is excellent ground for bacteria and germs multiplication – the main causative agents of acne.
  • light anti-inflammatory effect. Indeed, as a little bonus, you will get inflammation reduction and skin smoothing.
  • hormonal contraceptives slow unwanted hair growth of “male pattern” and reduce hair fat content.
  • in order to achieve a favorable therapeutic effect, it is used oral birth control pills, which contain estrogen or progesterone derivatives.
  • using contraceptives within one to two months, you can significantly improve skin condition and prevent acne from returning in future.Alesse Birth Control and Acne
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However, Canadian Pharmacy Mall should immediately warn all representatives of the fairer sex, not to run to the nearest pharmacy for such a “miracle” drug.

Appointment of birth control pills for acne treatment including Alesse should be done only after the doctor has conducted a series of diagnostic tests.

What kind of Pills better Cope with Acne?

There are several types of hormonal contraceptives that can be used as an acne treatment. Release form and composition of all appointed hormonal birth control pills can be divided into 2 types:

  1. combined oral contraceptives – Alesse, Yaz, Ortho Tri-Cyclen applied for acne treatment;
  2. non-combines oral contraceptives.

Combined Birth Control Pills, as an Example – Alesse – the most Popular Option

Combined birth control pills consist of two main active ingredients: derivatives of estrogen and progestin. Many of such pills have a pronounced anti-androgen effect, which plays a major role in sebaceous glands stabilization.

Comprehensive combined hormonal contraceptives – ultra low dose oral contraceptives can significantly reduce side effects probability and severity.

Release form of combined contraceptives is divided into film-coated pills and pellets.

In principle, pills and pellets are equivalent, because they contain acid-resistant cover. It means that active ingredients are released in strictly defined place.

Non-combined Birth Control Pills – Alternative

Non-combined contraceptives – mono-preparations (second name – mini-pill). It means that in their structure there are gestagen hormones exclusively in small dosages.

Non-combined birth control pills are less frequently prescribed for acne treatment due to low antiandrogenic effect. However, if you have an intolerance to estrogen, non-combined contraceptives will become an alternative for you.

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Advantages of these drugs include:

  • compatible with addictions. If you smoke or drink alcohol, mini-pill – your choice.
  • the ability for assigning for women with severe heart disease, migraine, diabetes, obesity and hypertension;
  • birth control pills are not contraindicated during lactation;
  • the good therapeutic effect was observed in women older than 40 years.