Alesse has a number of pros and cons able to make women decide to apply it or not.

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Contraceptive pills have a number of advantages over other methods of protection against pregnancy:

  1. reliable method of contraception: Alesse provides the most protection against pregnancy in more than 99% of cases;
  2. suitable for girls and women of all ages;
  3. normalize hormonal balance and reduce ovarian cancer, endometriosis, ovarian cysts risk;
  4. make menstrual cycle regular, especially if earlier menstruation may delay or appear several times a month;
  5. reduce abdominal pain during menstruation;
  6. reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS);
  7. on a background of contraceptive means reception, menstruation is not as abundant and last fewer days;
  8. if you are taking Alesse, then you have the opportunity to delay undesirable menstruation (for example if you are going on vacation);
  9. they produce therapeutic effect in case of mastitis;
  10. if you decide to plan pregnancy, after their reception termination, chances to conceive a child are much higher;
  11. all effects disappear after their cancellation.

Alesse Birth Control Cons and Pros

Alesse Benefits

  • effectiveness – almost 99%;
  • safeness;
  • availability (available price);
  • convenient package.


The disadvantages are:

  • not 100% guarantee: even the most high-quality medications can fail;
  • the pill must be taken every day, skipping even one pill can reduce effect and cause pregnancy;
  • when taking certain medications (eg, antibiotics) contraceptive effect may be reduced;
  • the first time after the beginning of its reception you may suffer from spotting in the middle of menstrual cycle;
  • birth control pills can increase appetite and retain water in body, if you do not want to gain extra weight on background of such medications intake, then you need to keep a diet and refuse from sedentary life;
  • Alesse can cause hair loss;
  • after contraceptive pills withdrawal menstrual cycle disorders are observed in some cases (though it should be said that this is exception rather than rule);
    1. birth control pills, as well as any other medications are not without side effects (Get to know more about side effects of Alesse):
    2. breast tenderness;
    3. increased blood pressure;
    4. headache;
    5. bloating.
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Before starting birth control application, you need to consult a gynecologist.


Ordinary women argue about birth control pills probably will not soon fade away, there are too many women who consider any hormones – absolute evil. Of course, it is not true, and millions of women around the world successfully apply various contraceptive means including Alesse for years. However, it should be understood that you can not start taking pills in without consulting a doctor. It is mandatory to take birth control pills according to strict doctor’s prescriptions.

If you take care of your health, then contraceptive means can be your companion for long years.