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A new drug related to erectile dysfunction came into market, this new medicine is known as Generic Stendra. According to the FDA it also acts like the already existing drugs like Levitra, Cialis and other similar pills. As per a report by FDA, there are around 30 million men alone in the US are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction.
Before going further, Canadian Health&Care Mall emphasises that it is better if we know what Stendra is, how it affects your body under different conditions and some precautionary factors that one should care before taking this medicine.

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STENDRA can affect your blood pressure to drop abruptly to a hazardous stage, if taken along with other medicines which may react adversely with it. Do not take STENDRA when you are taking any drugs referred to as “nitrates.” This may cause unexpected decrease in blood pressure level which can make you feel dizzy, faint, or have a heart attack or stroke.

Tell your healthcare expert that you are taking STENDRA while he writes a prescription for you. If you need emergency medical care for a coronary heart issue, then it becomes very important for them to understand your condition.

Discontinue sexual intercourse and get proper medical treatment if you experience symptoms like chest ache, dizziness, or nausea during the act of intercourse. Sexual activities can put another stress for your heart, particularly in case your coronary heart is already inclined towards a heart attack or coronary heart disorder.


Do not take STENDRA if you:

  • Take nitrates, by and large prescribed for chest anguish (angina), as this may increase chances of shocking, detrimental drop in blood pressure and other related issues.
  • Use avenue recreational drugs referred to as “poppers” comparable to amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate
  • Are allergic to avanafil or any of the active ingredients in STENDRA

Prior to start taking Stendra, it is good to consult a doctor and seek his advice, especially when you have heart issues like a coronary heart attack, irregular heartbeat, angina, or coronary heart failure etc. This is also important if you have undergone any sort of heart surgery within the last 6 months. Stendra may not suit you if you have low blood pressure.

This approval related to this new medicine opens new ways for the person suffering from erectile dysfunction, says Canadian Health&Care Mall. With this, the patient gets the flexibility to consult with their doctor to decide which treatment they want to select according to their needs, stated by an expert form drug evaluation in FDA’s centre for drug evaluation and research.

Researchers done some clinical test and as per the tests participants stated that drug started working within 15 minutes and provided them with good erection for more than a period of six long hours.

Sexual intercourseIn some recent Canadian Health&Care Mall clinical trials, around 75% of men with general ED reported of getting erections after taking Stendra, in comparison with 54% of men who took placebo tablet. Among guys with diabetes linked with ED, 62% were able to get good erections after taking the drug, in comparison with 42% of men taking placebo.

Stendra resulted in satisfying intercourse for 57% of fellows with usual ED and around 40% of men with diabetes-linked ED. The percentage in both cases was much lower in cases who took placebo.

The minor negative aspect of avanafil is much like the other substitute medicinal drugs in its category: a headache, flushing, stuffy nose, and anguish behaviour. Other categories of drugs you may see here: healthcaremall4you.com. Not often, an erection lasting for 4 or more hours would occur, which need some sort of medical attention. Other aspect effects which have been commonly visible in people include colour blindness and prescient alterations, sudden loss of hearing ability and vision, and loss of consciousness. If unexpected loss of vision or listening occurs, it is recommended that one should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The effect of these medicines varies from body to body.

Men who take nitrate medicinal therapy ought not to take Stendra due to the fact the combination of these two drugs can result in a sudden drop in blood pressure of the body.

So this article by Canadian Health&Care Mall will help you to understand the reason why Stendra is approved by FDA and how it will help in rectifying your erectile dysfunction.

Stendra Generics – Avana and Super Avana

approvedAre you looking for a means that will help you overcome the physiological barriers in your sexual abilities, sometimes arising because of stress or other circumstances? Then you have come to the right place – Canadian Health and Care Mall!

This medical means is generic of Stendra, has become achievement of modern pharmacological thought of India as quickly as possible influencing on male reproductive system and restoring erectile function!

What is Avana and Is It better than the Other Drugs?

Generic Avana is a completely new means with a relatively short time of presence in the market, being a serious contender of classical Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, it has won trust and location of male audience, but as well enthusiastic female responses.

Avana boasts lightning-like action, erection occurs virtually instantly from beginning of the psychological sexual excitement. And in compliance with the accompanying instructions supplied with Avana pills, side effects risk is reduced to minimum.

How to apply this medication and it should be borne in mind:

We suggest taking the drug – Avana men who have erectile slight decline, as well as a pronounced sexual dysfunction, regardless, psychological factors, or physiological problems.

Avana generic should be taken only in accordance with instruction for use and it is better to carry out consultation with doctor to define the exact dosage. If you are undergoing treatment with other drugs that stimulate sexual function, you should in a specific order visit the doctor for medical advice.

If you do not read drug instruction it may lead to a general intoxication and poisoning of body in general, you are strongly advised to consider each item instructions to avoid side effects appearance. The means can be used with a small amount of alcohol, which is a nice bonus for men attending noisy and fun party!

Also, it is effective when taking in combination with food.

Take this stimulant for 15-20 minutes before planned sexual intercourse and you’ll be on top, winning location confident ladies!

Take medication only on the days that require powerful sexual strength, not more than 1 tablet a day, and you will avoid unpleasant consequences not only in form of love disappointments, but also the consequences of side effects!

Pharmacological Properties and Specificity of Generic Avana

beautyThe most important drug advantage is its innovative complex pharmacological composition. The active ingredient is Avanafil providing incentives and providing blood supply in penis, which makes it powerful swelling and induration. In this preparation, there are a number of tangible and important benefits:

  • Sexual arousal lasts up to 8 hours of active operations;
  • The effect appears less than 15 minutes after use, and re-erection can occur when you are psychologically excited;
  • It increases hardness of penis and makes orgasms more vivid and deep;
  • Convenient Generic Avana pills do not take up much space and are resistant to sunlight and cold;
  • The presence of active substance – sildenafil, promotes this rapid and powerful effect of drug, because the component increases blood circulation in pelvic organs.

The penile smooth muscle in flaccid state allows blood to quickly flow to penile glans, as a result of which there is a long and strong erection.

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Make a Choice in Favor of Male Strength and Confidence with Canadian Super Avana

Main feature contributes to the continuation of sexual intercourse, suspends forced ejaculation and normalizes secretory function in men. These results ensure the drug due to the content of two active substances: avanafil and dapoxetine in dosage of 100: 60 mg relatively.

Advantages of this product:

  • convenient pill drug form;
  • no age limit;
  • effect with pronounced genital pathologies;
  • reasonable cost;
  • a small amount (up to 10%) side effects.

Buy Super AvanaPills Super Avana are no way inferior to the most famous and expensive facilities to maintain the men in good shape. Dapoxetine contained in the product is absorbed compared to avanafil a little longer, so sexologists recommend to use Super Avana before an hour before sexual intercourse. The result comes at a stimulating sexual function, in such a case avanafil starts to be active.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Generic Stendra

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is undoubtedly an effective means to solve erectile dysfunction problem. However, for a pill to get effect, it should take some time before the intimate moment. Now you should not wait and did not have to.

In the United States recently it has been received endorsement of the newest means – Stendra. Its action is much more effective, writes Reuters. Over the past ten years, this is the first new facility of this category. Wayne Hellstrom – professor of urology at the Medical School of Tyuleyn University states: ” Canadian Stendra performs much more effectively other drugs on the market today.”

Although officially the tablet should be taken 30 minutes for up to sexual intercourse, the tests yielded the following results – the effect is achieved after only 15 minutes after ingestion. Canadian Generic Viagra is to achieve a similar effect usually required just an hour. It is known that Stendra relates to a class of PDE5 inhibitors. In other words, drug enhances blood flow to genitals, and Canadian Pharmacy Stendra performs selectively, thereby reducing side effects.

But one can still encounter headache, blood flushing and the rest of body areas, back pain, symptoms are very similar to those of flu and nasal congestion. It is not recommended to take this means by people receiving nitric acid salt. It can trigger a critical pressure.

Annual sales of drug Stendra according to prognosis, should make about 300 million. dollars. Last year, Canadian Pharmacy Viagra earned about 2 billion dollars. Generic Stendra drug entered the market having such dose as 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg. However, experts recommend that physicians prescribe it in the lowest dosage.