Harmonious development and living full life make a man happy. If in any sphere of existence there is a failure, happiness disappears almost instantly. Especially it concerns overall health and well-being in sexual life in particular.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder characterized by the inability to carry out a full sexual intercourse. If a failure occurs in this area due to this dysfunction occurrence (especially at a young age), sometimes despair covers even the strongest optimists.

Current statistics say that this sexual disorder
is rejuvenated.
The belief, that this issue is relevant only for men over 40, is fundamentally wrong. The causes of abnormal functioning of the male body spare neither young nor adult representatives. It is therefore important time to start treatment course.

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Erectile dysfunction is an abnormality of blood circulation in the penis, which affects sexual relationships. Weak erection is hampered not only by sexual intercourse but child conception. The second problem is not so important for males over 50, but it is very urgent for men at a young age.

It is not necessary to substitute the concept of erectile dysfunction and impotence, which is expressed more in:

  1. reducing sex drive;
  2. inability to female egg fertilization.

Impotence – a term denoting to a wider disorder in comparison with a diagnosis.ED CausesHow does it Manifest?

Erectile dysfunction may occur in men in different ways:

  • unavailability of the penis to the commission of sexual intercourse;
  • loss of erection during “love session”;
  • a complete absence of erection (morning inclusively).
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All these violations, and mature, and at a young age effect:

  • the relationship between men and women;
  • psychological health;
  • self-esteem.

Unfavorable Causes

Causes of male sexual dysfunction are different in nature: after 40 – physiological, at a young age – psychological. But it does not mean that young people may not have organic lesions and diseases in the genital sphere, leading to problems with erection.

The following causes are observed:

  • lack of blood flow to the penis;
  • systemic diseases of the body that are typical of men over 50 (prostatitis, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, stroke);
  • some diseases of the male population of any “maturity” (diabetes, alcoholism, drug and nicotine addiction, problems with blood vessels, etc.);
  • violation of integrity or structure of male organ;
  • psychogenic factors;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • admission medications that affect erectile function.

Especially it should be carefully considered psychological aspect of this negativity.

Psychological causes:

  • not successful first sexual intercourse;
  • stressful situation (especially long lasting);
  • chronic sleep disorders;
  • insomnia;
  • the excessive workload on the job;
  • schizophrenic disorders;
  • disharmony of sexual relations with a partner.

Often treatment of erectile dysfunction should be correlated with the state of patient’s mind, otherwise, medicative treatment does not gain traction.

Often causes have mixed character, and treatment should involve physiology, and psyche of the patient.


Causes of erectile dysfunction, “dictate” principle of erectile dysfunction classification:

  • Organic – associated with diseases of heart and blood vessels, neurological problems, hormonal malfunctions. After 50 years old, to these points, atherosclerotic disease, stroke, weakening of the central nervous system and others can be added.
  • Psychogenic. In this case, emotions prevail. Negative family relationships, neglect of female sex, intimacy defective, dissatisfaction after sex, and many other factors of a psychological nature can give rise to an inferiority complex, low self-esteem. One of the things that affect violation of erectile function – panic fear of contracting diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Iatrogenic. Some medications have side effects in form of erectile dysfunction. After receiving steroids, antidepressants, drugs for cardiovascular disease and ulcers, it can be expected that men will have problems with potency, reasons lie in the chemical composition of medications. Therefore, since treatment of any somatic diseases, be sure to read instructions in order to avoid complications of this type.
  • There are cases of dysfunctional manifestations depending on circumstances – in situation erection is present – in the other – is completely absent. At different men, these moments are different, so treatment is more of psychological orientation.
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Treatment Methods

Erectile dysfunction treatment is better to entrust a competent medical professional. Self – treatment exacerbates both physiological and psychological side of the problem.

In event of disturbances in sexual life, men should analyze how often it happens. One-double-entry “misfire” – not a reason to panic, but a systematic violation of sexual “duties” – a serious reason for visiting a clinic with urological bias.

Proper treatment relates to what was the trigger for sexual disorders in men:

  • endocrine;
  • hormonal;
  • physiological;
  • psychological.

Depending on this, the doctor prescribes medications that may affect the elimination of these causes. The treatment will benefit patient if he is disciplined and systematically perform all doctor’s prescription.

Preventive Measures

To prevent possible erectile dysfunctions men are advised to:

  • Monitor status of the cardiovascular system (to carry out ECG regularly, to measure blood pressure, etc.);
  • Controlling blood cholesterol levels;
  • Change the way of life – say goodbye to bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • Perform simple exercises (to improve the general condition of the body);
  • Follow proper nutrition (ban fatty, smoked, overly salty food);
  • Be more often in the open air, etc.