You must have seen the commercials depicting guys explaining their erectile dysfunction problem to a doctor, taking a treatment prescription and a miracle happens and they are shown to be fully ready for a romantic evening. Erectile dysfunction is a condition of not getting or being able to maintain an erection for a satisfactory sexual act. Many of those who suffer from it, may feel ashamed of their masculinity and do not see a doctor, and their ED remains untreated.

Regardless of a various types and numbers of therapy options available, most men suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED) do not get treated.

“ED therapies, complete and tested, are underutilized,” mentioned Dr. Brian Helfand, an assistant scientific professor of urology. He said that only 25 percent people having ED actually get treated.

Helfand got to this result after going through at the medical records and past cases of more than 6 million men with ED prognosis. He researched insurance claims of one year (2010-2011) database and checked for those who claimed for erectile dysfunction. From his studies, he made his calculation that around 6 million men aged 30 and older who had a prognosis of erectile dysfunction. He then viewed the number of people who filled a prescription.

Because a patients is considered treated for ED when he fills a prescription for an erectile dysfunction drug like Cialis, Stendra or Viagra (sildenafil) medications which are mostly given as an injection or urethral suppositories, or they are androgen substitute. He considered them untreated if they were diagnosed with ED but did not submit a prescription. But this study cannot be said completely correct, as there may be people who received treatment from somewhere else, may also those who ordered their medicines online, or got them imported for being cheap there.

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However that erectile dysfunction is more likely to be seen in people of older age, and older guys shows less interest in the treatment related to erectile dysfunction. Generally, it has been seen that only 18 percent of ED patients aged 65 and above show interest in getting treated.

Feeling of embarrassment

ED prognosis
Most men find it very weird to discuss such personal matter with someone unknown publicly, and this is also one of the reasons that they avoid treatment. They feel embarrassed of discussing their ED to a doctor, thinking that they would be ridiculed by others for their weakness. This problem leads to not sharing it with their partners too and it will ultimately hamper their sex life. The stress leads to tension and which results in not getting aroused or erection, which might also increase the problem.

It is unvelievable having such an innovative medical science men with erectile dysfunction remain untreated. There are so many ways to cure this disorder including alternative types:

  • Alprostadil;
  • Vacuum Pumps;
  • Penile Implants.

High cost

Other than this there are many other reasons like hesitation or high costs of the medications and therapies. This high cost of such treatment may become unaffordable for some and may force a man to go untreated.


People above 65 years show least interest in getting treated for ED. It has been seen that people in this age group affected from erectile dysfunction do not come forward for treatment and discussion regarding the problem with their doctor.

Choose an authentic seller!

ED medicationSo in the tough fight among the medicines available in the market, counterfeit Viagra online, drugmaker Pfizer promotes the drugs and make them available immediately to sufferers with prescriptions via its online purchasing portals. Many people fall prey to such opportunists and end up buying fake or harmful products. These highly promoted over the counter ED drugs are so depicted as if they can turn an ED patient into a stud overnight. Many men find them a convenient option and order them online or via post. But the fact is that in many cases the drugs did not perform as they claimed to be, or on the more serious side, they made the person to have some very serious side effects like extremely low blood pressure, having a persistent painful erection, heart attack and so on.

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The final word of advice in this regard may be that firstly, erectile dysfunction is not a matter of shame or disgrace. This is just a physical disorder like any other disease. So, don’t feel embarrassed and consult a urologist and follow his advice properly. This is the only way that can make you overcome your ED.