For a man, having and enjoying sex is quite natural, but if it the other way round and he starts dreading it, then it may be alarming and needs to be treated as soon as possible. When you observe that your partner is purposely avoiding sex or is not comfortable while doing it, then talk to him about it and ask him if he is having some physical or emotional problem. Many times people develop a physical health condition, called Peyronie’s sickness, in which fibrous collagen starts to develop and plaques in the penis tissues. The early symptoms of it may be erectile dysfunction or impotence and in some cases shortening of the penis.

The experts after a complete test estimate Peyronie’s disorder, a connective tissue disorder, which can be seen in almost 5 percent of men. Although the rationale of the ailment related to this disorder is not recognized, still physicians do consider genetic predisposition and repetitive minor trauma to the penis while the person is in between the sexual activity. Patients with diabetes and men who’ve had prostate cancer and have gone through some surgical procedure for erectile dysfunction are moreover susceptible to the sickness, say the urologists.

How to Treat a Curved Penis?

Men having a painful penis oftentimes feel ashamed in seeing a doctor and may make their lives miserable day by day. The first step in this regard is discussing the problem with your partner and then consulting a urologist immediately. He may suggest you the best-suited treatment line for your condition. Usually, the treatment may include getting corticosteroid injections into the tissues, oral pills like Potaba, shockwave and radiation therapy and so on.

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Lipshultz mentioned that he has had some luck with about half of his patients when he offered them a drug called verapamil, a calcium channel blocker, which he used to inject into the shaft of the penis. Utilizing the drug is directly targeted at its potential to decrease collagen, slowing, stopping or even reversing plaque formation and the progression of Peyronie’s disorder in the patient’s sex organ.  According to a study which was published in 2002, it has been concluded that a verapamil gel which is applied to the epidermis is very effective with Kavaler.

Peyronie's disorder

Some doctors who have been dealing with the patients having Peyronie’s disease have also used a straightening device, which can be used to stretch the penis. A scientific trial for a brand new drug was evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Xiaflex, produced by using utilizing Auxilium. This is a prescribed medicine for this particular problem. During the trials, the patients reported that they observed a good increase their penis length with its use.

Canadian Health&Care Mall expresses that the patients who are getting treatment using Xiaflex may also get additional benefit by doing some very simple penile exercises. For this, you may perform these two exercises-

  • Stretch the penis daily thrice for around half a minute.
  • Straighten it for 30 seconds on experiencing an intercourse.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Though it may seem surprising, this is a fact that a little change in your lifestyle may reduce the chances of developing the Peyronie’s disease. These changes may include staying away from alcohol and smoking, discontinuing narcotics or drugs consumption and so on. In addition, a healthy exercise routine is also helpful in avoiding the problem. In this article, you can learn more information about lifestyle changes which may improve ED.

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Is surgery an option?

Peyronies Disease DeviceMen having more troublesome symptoms which persist for a long time, like the curvature of the penis, may require corrective surgery. It’s important to make sure that the disease is not active at the time of surgery. But, one should wait to get the surgery done before the condition becomes stable. In this procedure, the scarred part of the tissue is removed, and a graft taken from another part is used to replace it.  This surgery works good for most of the patients and they feel relieved from the problem. But in some cases, there may still be a very little curvature left and the shortening of the penis may still persist.

To restrain this situation, some surgeons opt to implant a penile prosthesis. This prosthesis shows the desired results in most cases by making the curvature straight and improving sexual performance. Canadian Health&Care Mall states that one needs to discuss all possible option available for his cure before going in for surgery.