Erection abnormalities are very common among men. Here we will find how you can protect your erection dysfunction. This is the main reason due to which the sex life of men hampers and it may lead to unnecessary stress in them. Erectile dysfunction causes dissatisfaction between both the partners and if remains untreated, it may further affect their relationship.  ED not only affects a person physically, but it may have some serious emotional effects on him.

Tips for Potency Increase

  1. Keep an eye on your diet
    Researchers have concluded in one recent study related to erectile dysfunction that the food which is not good for the heart also creates an obstruction in the blood flow to the penis. Consuming a good diet with all types of nutrients may cure. Include fruits and salads in your erection problem, or may prevent you from having it. Fried foods which are high in cholesterol may obstruct the blood flow to the penis.
  2. Watch your weight
    Avoid obesity, as overweight may bring more health disorders, including type 2 diabetes and cardiac disorders etc. Besides, it may become a core reason for nerve damage. Obesity also leads to high blood pressure and diabetes which affect the nervous system. And sexual activity is all about nerves, and any disorder in the nervous system may affect your erection.
  3. Keep your BP and cholesterol under check (
    Try to avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol, as this may cause damage to blood vessels and affect the penis. Get your cholesterol level checked regularly, which might be a reason for erectile dysfunction.
  4. Avoid alcohol consumption
    Alcohol consumption may seem to increase sexual desire in men but reduces their performance to a great extent. It may also cause liver damage which may affect your overall health, including erection and sex life. Hence, avoid alcohol for enjoying a good erection.
  5. Exercise regularly
    Try to include a daily workout in your routine. Canadian Health&Care Mall emphasizes the positive effects of running, jogging and stretching etc in preventing erectile dysfunction. But, be careful of any type of heavy workout which may put pressure on the perineum, obstructing the blood flow to the penis and leads to erectile dysfunction.
  6. Avoid Kegel exercises
    This has no evident effect on erection. Going through kegel exercise puts heavy pressure on the muscle in the pelvic region. There is no specific proof that they obstruct the erectile dysfunction.
  7. Keep the testosterone levels appropriate
    Fall in testosterone at the age of 50s is common and sometimes it leads to low sexual desire and erection problem. Keep it in check through proper check-up. It is associated with the decrease in the urge for sex, loss of stamina, mind dullness etc.  All this leads to impotence in men.
  8. Avoid steroids
    Do not get carried away with the idea that steroids can help you in getting a good erection. On the other hand, they may cause testicles dysfunction, as testicles may get shrunk and degrade its potential to prepare testosterone.
  9. Avoid smoking
    Smoking curbs the blood flow in the blood vessels and nicotine contracts the blood vessels. The worst effect of smoking is that it not only hampers the blood flow to the penis but also affects the lungs adversely.
  10. Avoid rough sex
    Yes, this is true that many cases of penile injury occur while having sex. Sometimes some minor injury gets recovered with time but sometimes this may turn into a serious affair. So avoiding is the best solution to some severe injury may cause long-term serious impact and cause erectile dysfunction.
  11. Avoid stress
    Stress increases the hormone adrenaline and causes the blood vessels to contract, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Stress leads to insomnia and less sleep reduces the number of sperm and also affects the erection. Therefore being stress-free will give you a good erection.
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These tips may help protect you from erectile dysfunction. In case you are suffering from this disorder they may help you to sort out your problem of impotence. This problem is not so much big and can be dealt with medication and different type of therapies to help cure the same. All you need is patience and openness regarding erectile dysfunction.