Erectile Dysfunction can simply be explained as an inability to perform a proper sexual activity in men. It is often termed as Impotency.  In this, a man may not get an erection at all, or, as in most of the cases, he is not able to maintain it for long.  This problem is more common in the men above 60 years of age, but due to the stressed lifestyle that we lead today, has put even the younger men at the risk of it.

What Causes ED?

Though we have not been able to attribute specific reasons for erectile dysfunction, among the most common of these, are included:

  • stress;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs;
  • certain medication;
  • personal health issues.

Many times, an underlying cardiovascular ailment may cause ED. This is why you first need to find out the cause of your problem to get it cured the right way.

Can ED be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction can be cured. Though there are various allopathic and surgical treatment options available, the majority of the men prefer to opt the natural remedies available for improving their condition and curing the problem. These remedies are easily available and most importantly, have no side effects. There is a common opinion that men’s health problems may be prevented by various kinds of berries.
Natural Remedies

Here are certain effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction:

    • Red Ginseng – Red Ginseng has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of ED. The dosage may vary from 600 mg to 1000 mg, depending upon the condition.
    • Omega-3 acids – Proper blood circulation plays an important role in curing sexual dysfunction, and Omega-3 acids are helpful in maintaining the same. Foods like banana, olive oil and avocados have it in enough quantity and consuming them more will help cure ED besides improving your overall health.
    • L-arginine – Like the Omega-3 acids, L-arginine too helps increase blood circulation to the penis and other body organs as well. Besides, it also helps to relax the muscles and thereby enhancing the blood flow, resulting in the desired erection.
    • Zinc – Sexual performance is all a game of hormones and blood flow and Zinc is one element that regulates most of these hormones. It is naturally found in various foods like red meat, poultry, beans, and cereal. In many patients, their sexual dysfunction is often associated with zinc deficiency. People who are strictly vegetarian are more prone to this, as the zinc bio-availability is very limited as compared to the non-vegetarian food options.In case a person has erectile dysfunction due to zinc deficiency, then zinc supplements may help cure him by increasing his testosterone levels.
    • L-Carnitine – L-carnitine is associated with body metabolism. It is naturally produced in the body, but in case your body is not producing it naturally, then the same can be supplemented with various foods, particularly the meat products.  Other than this, there are various L-carnitine supplements available at various herbal drug stores. As per the Urology experts, L-carnitine may prove to be beneficial to most of the men with erectile dysfunction.  Studies have shown that the men who were not showing any or satisfactory response to Viagra, responded amazingly well when given L-carnitine supplements. Studies have shown that having pomegranate juice every day also helps in this regard.
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Whether it is concerned with your general performance or the sexual performance, your overall health does matter a lot in this regard. To maintain good health following a regular exercise routine is quite essential. Even the simple activities like walking, running; swimming etc may help you get over your ED problem, especially in obese men.  Maintaining a healthy weight is an important step in treating and preventing ED.

One can search the internet for various types of treatments available for erectile dysfunction, but not all of them are trustworthy. Sometimes, the herbal solutions available there may not be authentic and may cause more harm than good. Often, some pills or natural remedies, which are claimed to be 100% herbal, may not be the same and may contain chemical ingredients.