Erectile dysfunction is a common problem experienced by many men, especially above the age of 55 years. The combination of active ingredients of ED drugs may reduce the chances of having lung disease that usually affects women. Canadian Health&Care Mall explains that a properly balanced composition of targeted chemical compounds, gases, and different resources is responsible for men’s health.


The protein collagen is an essential element in structural tissue in the body, including the penis. Immoderate amounts, nonetheless, form some amount of scar tissue, which impairs an erectile functionality in the penis.


Oxygen-composed blood is likely one of the primary components for a proper men’s health. Oxygen stages vary extensively from lowered phases within the flaccid state to a very high level in the state of erection in men. Throughout sleeping hours, an average person may have 3 to 5 erections per night, bringing oxygenated blood to the penis. The essential intent of oxygen deprivation is ischemia – which is the main element of the blockage of blood vessels. The reduced blood flow conditions which have resulted from major coronary heart disease, similar to atherosclerosis, may also create a major contribution to erectile dysfunction.

Tadalafil for pulmonary arterial hypertension

TadalafilWhen the blood pressure drug namely Cialis, is given to a person for impotence, it may reduce the chances of pulmonary arterial hypertension, which is the condition of having high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries. When the lung blood vessels become very resistant to blood flow, then in such condition, the right ventricle has to exert more to pump adequate blood to the lungs. The patient who took ED medicines had lesser chances of developing lung illness and the requirement of hospitalization due to it. Tadalafil is one of the medicines which could prevent erectile dysfunction as well as pulmonary hypertension. Tadalafil formula stimulates PDE5 enzyme in the lungs that helps the blood vessels to relax, thus the blood supply is increased to the lungs, reducing the heart pressure load. This will help to reduce the blood pressure which leads towards the lungs causing severe lung disorder.

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Patients who show up their interest in taking the combination treatment has half of the chances of likely to die, require hospitalization or have severe progression of their health-related illness, researchers discovered. The results of this medication combination are so much positive that the marketer of Ambrisentan has requested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that this combination should be permitted to be used under the medication label, said Dr. Lewis Rubin, the renowned professor of medical science.

There is a major problem with this medication that it is a bit expensive to afford it easily. Canadian Health&Care Mall suggests a way through which this can be made easily available and can be purchased by everyone. This will ultimately help everyone to get rid of this problem.

The science behind this formulation says that both the medicine work differently so this has been tested by the researchers to find that if this impact can be increased or not by using it in tandem. According to the researchers, this is not a simple disease it a complex disorder and this is the reason why the more ways they discover more chances of better treatment will be possible.

So this study concludes the result of combination drug over the human body. This combination drugs not only reduce the problem of erectile dysfunction but if combined with proper cross drugs can be able to cure many complex lungs disorders. Researchers are also currently working on more and more ways to find more cures using these combination drugs.

Ask your doctor first!

Although these medicines may help you get over your erectile dysfunction and may also prevent you from lung diseases, there are still certain medicines which should not be taken together. This is very important for everyone to consult a doctor before starting any medication. Also, while interacting with your doctor, you must tell him of any other medicines that you may be taken already, so that he may prescribe the best-suited combination for your condition.