Some people who drink excessively or take some sort of recreational drugs comparable to methamphetamines or cocaine etc, often find it difficult to get and hold on their erection and persistent occurrence of this condition may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), the recent study stated. To confront their erectile dysfunction, they may turn to take help from ED medicines.

Whilst ED medicines (Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis) are considered effective in their use, but there is no stable research on the consequences of such medicines, and clinical authorities say that mixing them with intoxicants would be hazardous—certainly in huge quantities.

“There might be associated risks involved with these drugs, notably because many of these medicines cut down blood pressure and may impair judgment and decision making ability,” says Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, director of the division of urology at Maimonides scientific center.

The ED drugs may cause a headache, indigestion, and sinus congestion problems which may become prescient, threatening and long-term problems while you take more amount than what is prescribed for your ED. It is a known fact that we must avoid taking nitrates or “poppers,” and prescription nitroglycerin with ED drugs, as this may cause serious health hazards.

Don’t get lured by cheap adds

Viagra You might be getting several email advertising affordable ED meds with miraculous results. But buying any erectile dysfunction drug without a doctor’s prescription is not only illegal, but it can also be unsafe for your health. This is because you have no clue about their authenticity and the quality of the drug is also not known. There are many online buyers of such medicines who have been cheated with fake drugs, hazardous substitutes, or low-quality formulations of them.

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Men, who use erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs recreationally, may be likely to boost psychogenic ED, the variety that originates within the mind, in keeping with the recent study. Besides, there are other health risks that these recreational ED drugs may pose.

“Extreme use of ED medicinal drugs accelerated the hazard of psychological dependence on ED medicines,” says researcher Christopher Harte, a postdoctoral fellow on the VA Boston Healthcare approach.

Adverse effects

Many men fall prey to the fake promises of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs which might not show any positive results on you but which might be quite dangerous for your health, especially if you are already on nitrate drugs or alpha blockers or taking medications for high blood pressure. Those having heart ailments should also stay away from recreational ED drugs. It is advised and important to consult a doctor before you start taking any prescription ED drugs.

Psychological dependency

A study explains that those who consume ED medications recreationally may start losing confidence in their sex ability and may not get or sustain an erection without these pills. One more disadvantage of using recreational ED medications could also be that men may expect unreasonable sexual performance with their support.

Cialis Legally prescription oral erectile dysfunction medications are not meant for those who actually do not have ED problem. If someone is having concerns about his ability to achieve an erection or maintaining it, then, he must first talk to a doctor and follow his guidelines. A doctor can rightly determine whether or not the person has an underlying condition which may require ED medications, or he may need some other therapy for his problem.

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According to a recent study of the young men, it has been seen that those who used recreational use of erectile dysfunction drugs for a long time, did develop it finally.  The study also indicates that in the U.S., the majority of the Viagra consumers is aged between 20 to 45 years. Harte performed a study on 1,207 men and found that most of them bought ED medicines for recreational purposes.

Canadian Health&Care Mall explains that the purpose of performing these surveys and tests is to determine the effects of the recreational drugs on a person. The reports indicate that these drugs may cause huge health problems, including erection difficulty in men. The study reflects that these medications may implants an adverse effect to the consumer in many cases. So it always advisable to avoid taking these drugs recreationally and if you think you need it, take proper medical guidance and buy the drugs only from an authentic pharmacy.