Hypogonadism is referred to low levels of testosterone. It is male sex hormone that has more importance than just affecting the sex drive. This is the hormone that is also responsible for:

  • Hair growth;
  • Muscle health;
  • Bone health;
  • Production of sperm

You might have low levels of testosterone because of some chronic illness or because of age.

The majority of men who are known to have borderline testosterone levels were seen to have overt depression or depressive symptoms. In fact, they also have and sedentary lifestyle a very high rate of obesity. However, patients tend to deny it all the time.

A study was conducted which dealt with men with borderline low levels of testosterone instead of those who have an excessive deficiency. These men with borderline low levels of testosterone the comorbidities like, obesity and depression were kept under control.

It is not yet clear as to whether or not treating men having hypogonadal with testosterone increases depression. The borderline is still gray area, where nobody is sure about what is to be done and if the testosterone is linked to the symptoms or not.


Erectile Dysfunction, Obesity, and Depression

About 200 men had participated in the study. These men who had been referred to for the borderline testosterone were aged in between 22 to 77 year. They were constantly tested for total testosterone. These men were

  • Assessed for depression using a question;
  • Had already been diagnosed with depression;
  • Were using an antidepressant

About 56% of men had either scored 9 out of 10 in the questionnaire or were using an antidepressant. The rate of depressive symptoms in the general population ranged from 15% to 22% whereas the rate among obese was 5.6%. Only 18% of the men had a normal weight or was below the normal weight. On the other hand, 39% of them were overweight and 43% of them were obese. Half of them were reported to exercise less than once a week.

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These men were also seen to have several kinds of health problems like:

  • Erectile Dysfunction;
  • Low libido;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Low levels of concentration;
  • Low level of energy

These men have a high rate of erectile dysfunction which raises the question of cardiovascular diseases, too.


Foods That Boost Testosterone

According to Canadian HealthCare Mall, if you have low levels of T, it can be treated medically to prevent any kind of future health problems. You can take some testosterone boosting foods which are natural complements.

Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium which is important for the health of the bones, the immune system, and several other functions of the body. It is also linked to longer life and production of testosterone.

Tuna fish is known to be rich in vitamins. It is a protein-rich food which is healthy for the heart and is low in calories. Fish is the natural way by which you can boost your testosterone level. A serving of tuna can fulfill your daily needs of vitamin D. In case, you do not like tuna, you can use some other fish as your source of the vitamin. However, the consumption has to be kept moderate, because consuming too much of fatty acids might increase your risk of prostate cancer.

Learn more about increasing testosterone levels you can watching the video:

Milk is another great source of calcium and protein. The vitamin D content in milk can boost the level of testosterone in men. Egg yolks have a rich source of vitamin D. Egg yolk has more testosterone than egg white. The cholesterol in egg yolk might help in treating the low levels of testosterone in your body. As long as you do not have any previous case of high levels of cholesterol, you can safely have one egg every day.

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Talking of male hormone, even beans may have more benefit than you know. Black beans, white beans, and kidney beans are all an excellent source of zinc and vitamin D. Baked beans are also known to have these nutrients but you will require additional sources for your regular diet. Additionally, these foods are plant-based proteins that can provide a protection to your heart.