Erectile dysfunction is a major problem arising among men these days. The reason may vary in each case. In some people, it may be due to hypertension and tough lifestyle, whereas in others it may have an emotional reason. In simple or layman’s term, this is known as impotence, which gives a psychological setback to the man. This problem of impotence is not only troublesome for the men but also very devastating for the partner.

Here are some common reactions when we asked this question to some real life couples, let’s see their feelings, “It really weakens the relationship”. Says one of the partners whom we put forth with this question.  It has been found that many people blame their partner for the same and that is quite disheartening. That’s not unusual, says Karen Donahey, Ph.D., director of the intercourse and marital healing medication at North-western tuition medical core in Chicago. It may make the partner feel that she’s not able to arouse her partner. That may be he does not find her attractive anymore.

Canadian Health and Care Mall says that the more positive the more supportive the lady is, the lesser threatened she’ll feel with her partner’s erectile dysfunction problem, and she’ll be in a position to be when she comes to know about this, regarding her man.

Erectile Dysfunction is not Uncommon

Many people think that erectile dysfunction is an uncommon problem and try to treat such problem in a very weird manner. According to a recent report, about 30% of men in U.S and other developed countries, go through some sort of erectile dysfunction problems at some particular point in time.

In current scenario erectile dysfunction is one of the major health problems among men, and around 30 million only in the U.S and approx. 140 million men all around the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction, claims Canadian Health and Care Mall. Though ED could indeed be a physical disorder, it can be nonetheless annoying to the person suffering from it, and in a study carried out by Pfizer regarding the problem of erectile dysfunction (which makes the impotence drug Viagra), it confirmed that most females, where their lifestyle is concerned rank ED higher than any other manner of health issues like menopausal signs, infertility, allergic reactions, obesity, and insomnia etc.
Men and Woman

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How partners feel and deal with ED

Some couples are called overcomers, with a robust desire to get to the bottom of ED. Others are resigners, who admit that there is a problem related to erectile dysfunction, however, they prefer not to seek medication to unravel it.

Then there are avoiders, couples who refuse to confess and speak about ED. And, subsequently the alienators; who are the women who get so upset with the truth that they not only decide to withdraw from their relationship but also demean their seek intimacy elsewhere or from outside their relationship.

When women are irritated over the problem, this state of anger is probably present before the sexual difficulties have begun. In such circumstances,  marital therapy, as opposed to sexual therapy, is also as a way to get to the underlying intent of the anger.

Just the talk with your partner about ED will ease the situation considerably. Believe it is up to you to help your partner. Get acquainted with additional information concerning this idea.

Learn about the Problem

If your partner is having ED problem, then the lady must try out to find the possible causes for it, and discuss it with a physician to know the ways to deal with it.

Be Respectful to him

You should try and convince him that the problem does not affect their relationship and that together you will find a solution to it. Also talking about his ED with him will make him open up to you and become guilt free.

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Stay positive

Accompany him while Visiting the Doctor

Encourage him to seek medical advice, and also convince him to take you along for doctor’s visit. During the visit, update your doctor with all the details which may be helpful in his treatment to ED.

Stay Positive

Assure him that erectile dysfunction is not an incurable problem and that with the right way of treatment and a positive attitude, he will get over it soon.

Be Passionate about him

Show that you still love him the same way as before and that he still has the sex appeal to satisfy you in different ways. Try various types of sexual activities to keep him interested in it.

These are some emotional sides of dealing with his ED. Besides, to help him further, there are some supplements available at Canadian Health and Care Mall to boost his recovery even faster.