Stud Spray 5000 - Now Available!

We are glad to announce assortment renewal with Stud Spray 5000, which is considered one of the most effective medications for premature ejaculation. Doctors all over the world prescribe the drug to their patients who want to improve their sexual life.

Ingredients: Lidocaine 20 mg;
Duration: 40 minutes;
The onset of action: in 3 minutes;
Compatibility with alcohol: compatible.

What is Stud Spray?

Stud Spray is a popular drug made on the basis of lidocaine, which is designed to improve erection and prevent premature ejaculation. Man can start sexual intercourse immediately after applying the remedy.

Lidocaine blocks the nerve tubules of the glans penis, which loses a certain percentage of sensitivity. Lidocaine not only blocks nerve impulses but also prevents their rapid transmission through the nerve fiber, which can significantly prolong erection.

To get the maximum effects from the medication, you should carefully follow the recommendations for use and apply only the dosage prescribed on the package.

Experts claim that regular use of Stud Lidocaine Spray allows prolonging sexual contact 3-4 times. In addition, the drug has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use Stud Spray?

The spray should be applied 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. To achieve the maximum effect, the preparation should be applied to the entire penis, paying attention to the most sensitive area: the glans. Shake the bottle before use. Three sprays are enough to get the average dose of the drug.


The only contraindication for Stud Spray 5000 is an allergic reaction to lidocaine. If you are intolerant to lidocaine, you can not use a spray to prolong erection, since the product can cause severe allergic edema.

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Side effects

Stud Spray is easily tolerated by the body and has practically no side effects. But if you exceed the average dose, you may experience a prolonged loss of sensitivity.


Why chose Stud Spray? It’s one of the most economical drugs for premature ejaculation treatment. Any gel or cream with the same effect should be applied by the hand, that is, some of the medication remains on the hands and not used for its intended purpose. When using this preparation you have no such problems.

One bottle of the spray for man contains 20 ml of solution. This is enough for 500 sprays, which, in turn, corresponds to 165 applications.


Store the drug at room temperature, out of the reach of children.