Antihistamine preparations prevent the development of histamine effects and reduce the permeability of capillaries, warn hypostasis development, smooth muscles spasm, reduce an itch.

The very first antihistamine preparations were created in the early forties. They are also known as F1 drugs. They quickly eliminate disease symptoms, however, as well as was told above, the effect lasts not for long. Besides, long drug intake is capable to cause accustoming. Despite all F1 preparations disadvantages, they are popular because of its low price. Besides, unlike more modern drugs, they are issued not only in the form of tablets. An indisputable advantage of antihistamine F1 preparations before new preparations is the existence of injection forms which are applied to knocking over of acute allergic reactions and as premedication before carrying out X-ray contrast and surgeries.

What you need to know about antihistamine preparations

Antihistamine preparationsAntihistaminic preparations of the second generation or F2 preparations appeared relatively recently, in the 80th, 90th, and were created taking into account disadvantages of drugs of the first generation, among which: a large number of side effects and the impossibility to achieve a long effect. When using in therapeutic dosages the probability of side effects development is minimum, duration of action remains within 24 hours, for this purpose it is enough a single application.

Preparations of the third generation or F3 preparations are distinguished by quick start of the action and high efficiency. It is enough to take only one medicine of same antihistamine pill just before an exit to the street to avoid unpleasant symptoms of an allergy. He starts acting in half an hour and isn’t connected with a meal in any way: medicine can be taken on an empty stomach or after a dense lunch. Besides, pills from an allergy of the third generation have much fewer side effects. Some representatives antihistamine the last generation can cause drowsiness and violation of psychomotor function however the frequency and expressiveness of these phenomena are much lower in comparison with preparations of the first generation. All the three kinds of antihistamine preparations may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall. We are waiting for you and are ready to answer all your questions.

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When is it better to start taking such kind of drugs? Earlier people will start taking preparations for allergy, easier it will pass. It means that before first symptoms you may already take a pill because you may take it as a preventive measure. Most of the people know what may provoke the allergy attack and if you feel the possibility to provoke the attack it is better to take the pill towardly.