Erectile dysfunction is one such problem that may make a man embarrassed before his partner and may affect his morale. But there is nothing to be wary of, as there are various treatments available to resolve it, which may include pills and dietary supplements and also some specific exercises etc.

Various studies have been conducted on finding the effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction in men. And, the latest study has suggested that a change in the nutritional intake may be helpful in this regard. Researchers claim that fruits like berries and citrus fruits may improve erection problems. Eating lots of berries and citrus fruit might lower the risk of getting and keeping an erection.

Eat properly to treat your problem

A study was conducted to confirm the role of dietary habits in sex performance in men, and it was found that those who consumed these flavonoid-rich foods, were less likely to have impotence or erectile dysfunction.

There are no two ways that most of our body disorders can be treated or helped through including specific foods in the diet. It may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by around 15%.  And, if this is combined with regular exercising, it may further help reduce it up to 21%.  These gave better results in the men falling in the age group of 25-60 years.

Flavonoids may help to boost your ability to get and retain an erection by maintaining adequate blood flow in the blood vessels and maintaining them well.

Urologists also say that erectile dysfunction can be due to a person’s coronary artery problems. Therefore, it is important to know the underlying reason for it before we start treating the problem. Those who consume lots of fruits which are rich in flavonoid have less chance of heart and other problems, including erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile dysfunction is commonly linked with poor blood circulation, especially in the genital areas. The reasons for the problem may be varied. It can have a physical or even an emotional reason behind it. Poor diet, alcohol, smoking, heart problem, stress are some of the reasons which may lead to erectile dysfunction.
Flavanones for ED

A healthy and balanced diet plays a crucial role in treating ED. The right food is the first step in this regard, as they are the natural energy boosters and may cure your problem by enhancing the blood flow in the desired body parts. If your body lacks some nutrient, you can replace it by taking supplements for it.

Berries are the best

Colorful berries are just the best foods for ED. They contain antioxidants to fight against the aging and also enhance blood circulation.

The biochemical flavonoids – anthocyanins and flavanones, present in berries and citrus fruits have proven to be effective in getting healthy erections. Eating these flavonoid-rich berries and fruits are said to be equally beneficial as doing exercise or walking regularly. Anthocyanin is richly present in cherries, blackberries, blueberries and even in red wine. Citrus fruits are rich in flavanones and flavones.

Acai berry does the magic!

According to the latest research, conducted by various researchers, it has been discovered that Acai berry contains the number of antioxidants much more than other berries. Hence, this is the best food that can help men in getting a good erection. This purple berry has been used by people since ages as a natural remedy for sex-related problems in both, men and women. This fruit of Brazil origin is enhanced libido in both men and women and is also called a natural Viagra.

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Besides berries, garlic is also helpful in maintaining the heart health. Foods rich in Omega-3 and Zinc are also advised for the people suffering from erection problems. You may visit Canadian Health&Care Mall to find out more about the supplements available for your ED cure.

Sex is not just a physical activity, it involves your emotional well being too. Therefore, to enjoy it the most, the person has to be physically and emotionally healthy and fit. Living a good lifestyle, eating a good diet, exercising regularly and staying stress-free is the key to a perfect sexual life.