Erectile dysfunction is something which most of the men feel ashamed of. They don’t feel comfortable in discussing the problem with someone. Men generally feel bit awkward while discussing such a problem with their wife or partner. This is something which they directly connect with their self-respect and manliness. But now things got changed and talking on such matters is not considered as a taboo anymore. Canadian Health&Care Mall reveals that these days people do not feel hesitant in discussing these issues, which results in open talks and reaching out to a good solution to the problem.

When there’s an obstacle within the sexual relationship between the partners, it may become a very complex situation to deal for the couples. This article basically focuses on one of the reasons why a sexual relationship may be affected due to such problem of erectile dysfunction.

Lack of sexual desire in certain phases, when a person is upset or going through some physical or emotional problem is considered to be normal. The partner who does not have the desire to have sex could appear as if they’ve caught up into a thought of breakup. Read also about it in “Sexual Functioning“.

The fear of non-performance or failure may make a man withdraw emotionally as well as physically. When a man finds him unable to satisfy his partner’s and his own sexual desires, he may feel depressed and devastated. Such recurring events may make the couple to alienate from each other physically and emotionally both.  Whatever is going down in your sex life, if you do not discuss it with your partner, this may increasingly lead to the construction of difficult problems related to feelings, starting from minor situations of frustrations to a severe problem which may end up in separation.

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ED and partner

Your partner may help you

Other than being at a risk of getting your relationship affected, there is one positive reason why you should discuss with your partner about the ED problem that you are going through. This is a common problem and your partner will regain confidence in the relationship, which might have got affected due to your not opening up to her. Besides, you would need someone by your side to help you and support you in getting over this situation. So, shed that hesitation and decide the best time and the best place to initiate the discussion. Be positive and support each other.

We emphasize that you will feel confident by having the emotional support from your partner. It is encouraging to see that the person you love the most, is by your side this difficult times. Now together you can win the battle easily.

Besides being emotionally supportive, your partner may also help you in getting a good erection by stimulating your penis. This stimulation can be given with the hands or with the mouth. Simply doing a hand job or sucking the penis often gives good results in making an erection. You can try different foreplay positions in bed which can help you to get a good erection. You can take your partner along when you visit your doctor.

Tell that you love her

This is a fact that your erectile dysfunction may bring strain in your relationship. Either you or your partner or even both of you may develop stress symptoms, since your lack of sexual desire may make your partner feel that you are not interested in her or you don’t love her anymore. This is why, reassuring her that you still find her attractive and love her the same way, becomes very important in this regard.

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Erectile dysfunction support

Resort to treatment and counseling

Don’t go through the pain alone. Involve your partner and if possible, resort to some counseling. If you are a victim of erectile dysfunction, the best thing to do is sharing your condition with your partner.

Erectile dysfunction is not an uncommon disease, neither it is incurable. So, seek medical advice and follow it. Your doctor may guide you better as of how to go about your ED issue and how it can be treated in the best way. These days there are various medicines helpful in this regard. Besides, there are also surgical options available for the same.

Just by opening up to your partner can ease your problem to a great extent. So, don’t hesitate and tell her today itself.