Male sexuality has always taken an important place in the society and people have been trying to improve and maintain it through various ways. Taking advantage of this, many sexual performance enhancement products have been launched and promoted all over the world, characterized by the overly exaggerated promises. Canadian Health&Care Mall reveals the reality of the efficiency of these supplements.

A fall in the testosterone levels due to certain reasons; be it a prolonged illness, medication, andropause phase or any other, may lead to erectile dysfunction. Manufacturers do not leave this opportunity of earning millions of dollars by offering hundreds of male sex enhancement supplements having no reliable evidence or even research background on them. Considering the seriousness of the issue, the Federal Trade Commission even issues an advisory, that the over the counter male impotency supplements, without a doctor’s prescription cannot be trusted for their effectiveness as well as for their side effects.

Consuming these unscrupulous male sex enhancement products may put you at the risk of various health problems; as these may contain certain ingredients which may adversely affect your health.  Since these over the counter drugs and supplements are not regulated by the FDA, their actual pharmacological construction is not known and hence their possible side effects cannot be explained.

In some cases, the male enhancement pills have even led to death, as many of them contain sildenafil, which can be dangerous when it interacts with nitrates, which is usually found in the medicines of the diabetic and high blood pressure patients.

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Herbal Products may also Cause Side Effects

As, impotence or erectile dysfunction is one such problem, that most of the patients feel ashamed of seeing a doctor. They are the ones which may fall prey to the readily available solution, claiming to be 100% herbal to cure their problem.  Many of these herbal proclaimed products were found to contain Viagra or Cialis counterfeit ingredients. And for those, which are herbal, they are enriched with various minerals and vitamins, and a disproportioned drug, though being herbal, may cause certain problems like, anxiety, high blood pressure, nervousness etc.

Misuse of these herbal male enhancement products may pose serious side effects. The worst of them is Priapism, which is a painful and persistent erection lasting for very long even after ejaculation. This erection may even occur without any sexual stimulation, and if the condition becomes too painful, then it can lead to erectile dysfunction.


One of the most common side effects of these supplements is an allergy, which is often overlooked.  Symptoms like skin rashes, swelling, hives etc are the indicators of it. So, while taking male enhancement pills, if you come across these symptoms then don’t ignore them and consult your doctor for another supplement or option. There are various products available at Canadian Health&Care Mall for you to choose from. Your physician may advise you best-suited one for your problem.

Herbal products for ED

Enlarged Prostate Gland

Since the male sex enhancement supplements are aimed to increase the testosterone levels, in certain cases it may lead to prostate gland disorders. The gland becomes enlarged and may face other issues too.

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The best way for you

We are living in an era where seeing a doctor for sex related problems isn’t considered to be shameful, as most men and women do experience it at a certain phase of life. That is why, the best way to solve your sex problems is by discussing them with your doctor and following his guidance.  May be your erection problem is associated with hormonal imbalance, or your heart problem or any such other health issue, then your doctor will be able to diagnose the cause and the best treatment for it.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various reasons, and it can be cured by treating the underlying cause for it.

However, some natural male enhancement supplements available at Canadian Pharmacy can be effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men without any side effects, but they should be taken under the professional supervision.