Erectile dysfunction, the condition of not getting or inability of maintaining an erection required for a satisfactory intercourse, can also be an early signal of present or future coronary heart ailment. No matter whether you already have a heart problem or not, getting the right and timely treatment would help your erectile dysfunction problem as well as prevent you from any further ailments. For this, Canadian Health&Care Mall states that you must understand the link between erectile dysfunction and heart disease, then you will be able to know what you should do.

Do Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Ailments Have a Connection?

Earlier, narrowing of arteries due to plaque build up in them was as considered to be the sole cause of erectile dysfunction which could undoubtedly lead to various heart disorders. This was based on the fact that plaque build-up reduces blood flow to the penis, making an erection tough to take place and also create a problem in its sustaining. Besides, this deposition also puts pressure on the heart and may cause heart attack, angina, or any other heart related problem.

Similarly, specialists also explain that erectile dysfunction is often generated by the dysfunction of the endothelium of blood vessels and of the tender muscles. This particular dysfunction hinders blood to the heart and to the penis as well, leading to the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

The main reason for heart diseases is said to be the wrong life style which leads to many other problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and similar other health issues. Though having erectile dysfunction is not a confirm sign that the person has some underlying any heart problem, however, studies suggest that is always makes sense to move ahead with treatment for erectile dysfunction after having checked him for his heart functioning and other heart-related symptoms and issues.

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ED and Heart Disease

Common risks of ED and heart issues

Testing an erectile dysfunction patient for common heart disorders is important because besides sharing the principle reason for the problem, both the ailments share some common risk factors too. For example; the diabetic people have a common risk of developing a heart as well as erectile dysfunction problem. Hence they should keep a watch on their heart and sexual activities both. Similarly, excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption may lead to high blood pressure and also to vascular disorders, which in turn may cause both erection and cardiac problems.

A study done on more than 90,000 men found that the patients with ED had more risk of heart-related issues as compared to the ones who did not have ED. Many men with highly severe ED with the condition of heart problems had greater chances of hospitalization for a cardiac problem. Also, those who did not have any heart problem before had 25 percent chances of developing it in case they suffered from severe ED.

Canadian Health&Care Mall emphasizes upon this that, stating that erectile dysfunction patients may have heart problems, does not claim in any manner that heart problems are generated from the ED. This may be because both the ailments have similar dysfunction reasons, which may be reduced blood flow, diabetes, narrowing of arteries and veins and so on.

This indicates that when you visit your physician regarding your ED, ensure that he or she doesn’t simply prescribe you for ED alone. You may ask him if he could also check you for your heart health through getting a cholesterol and ECG test done.

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Ginseng for ED

Go the natural way

In case you have developed ED, there is no reason to worry about it, as there are various treatments available to cure it properly. But, besides these treatments, Canadian Health&Care Mall suggests other options available which are simple to follow and do not pose any side effect threats to your health. These options may include:

  • Taking red ginseng roots, which are natural energy boosters and help reduce ED to a great extent.
  • Eat healthy food and keep yourself fit. This is the very basic mantra to fight ED. Eat a balanced healthy diet which includes lots of citrus fruits and green vegetables.
  • Keep your insulin levels under control.
  • Now, the most important thing; follow a regular exercise regime. This not only enhances blood flow in the body but also keeps your weight in check. This is again helpful, as obesity is one of the reasons for ED and heart problems both.
  • Stay happy and stress-free.