Doctors have come up with a new penile prosthesis that is non-hydraulic. This device does not have any pumps and it can be activated without touching. So far, it seems that this device can perform just as well as the conventional hydraulic inflatable prostheses in use today for treating erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the new device is easier to be implanted surgically in the patient who will be able to use it more easily as well.

Features of the New Prosthesis

It is certainly possible for mechanical devices to suffer from malfunctions and, as a result, require revision and correction. This proves to be a major problem for the patients who have used such devices for treating their erectile dysfunction.

The new device will be able to prevent those malfunctions. At the same time, it will be able to simplify one of the most complex urological procedures. In other words, it can bring a transformation in the way people and doctors approach penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction.

A study done with the new prosthesis showed that it could be activated repeatedly without the help of reservoirs or pumps. The material used for making the prosthesis is nitinol which is a metal alloy of titanium and nickel. This alloy is often used for making medical devices. Along with the shape-memory alloy, a coil and a 1000 W motor were used. A hand-held magnetic inductor is used to activate the device and bring about erection. On average, 120 seconds are required to achieve a full erection. Upon penetration, the device will not bend or buckle. It will remain rigid enough for sexual activities.

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The device is yet to be tested and studied on animals. The researchers behind the device found that its parameters were similar to those of current inflatable devices.

ED Treatments

The Importance of Penile Implants

The most common method of treating erectile dysfunction is oral medications of the PDE5 inhibitor type. They are very effective. Be that as it may, around 40% to 50% of men find these medicines to be unsuitable for them. They do not respond to any of these oral medications.

As a result, alternative treatment options such as penile implants are necessary for these men. The majority of these men tend to be good candidates for getting a penile prosthesis. Nonetheless, this surgical option happens to be a big step. As a result, the number of men getting this procedure done is low.

The satisfaction rate is another reason for considering the use of implants. Treatment options for erectile dysfunction such as oral medications tend to have a relatively low satisfaction rate at approximately 50% to 60%. On the other hand, the satisfaction rates among men with penile implants range at around 80% to 90%.

One advantage of the new implant over the previous ones is the low number of parts. The risks of malfunction rise with an increase in the number of parts being used. The simplicity of the new implant will certainly reduce the malfunction rate. The malfunction rates of current devices tend to be low but the new one will reduce it further.

Other Treatment Options

There are quite a few treatment options available these days for erectile dysfunction. The suitability of the treatment is determined by the doctor on the basis of multiple factors such as the medical history of the patient and ongoing medications. Here the other treatments possible.

  • Oral Medications;
  • Injections;
  • Suppositories;
  • Penile vacuum pumps.
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Oral Medications

PDE5 inhibitors are used as oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction. They can be purchased online from Canadian Health&Care Mall. They are effective as treatments but have a few restrictions in place for their use such as drug interactions and side effects. The most popular of these medications are listed as follows.

  • Viagra;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis.


In this method, the medicines are injected directly into the penis. It is risky as scarring and priapism are common side effects.


Instead of injections, it is possible for the medicines to be administered by means of suppositories. Their rate of effectiveness is quite low.

Vacuum Pumps

These pumps are used externally and require a lot of practice for use. However, they have a considerable satisfaction rate.