For men, the opportunity to have sexual intercourse is associated with procreation and the ability to conceive offspring. Each representative of the stronger sex takes care of the penis. If a man suddenly loses an ability to achieve an erection, this fact immediately spoils his mood. Many men do not want to do anything with this situation but it is better to find out why it happened. Canadian Health and Care Mall designed this article to help you find the way out from this difficult situation. As a rule, erectile dysfunction in young people is psychological, and elderly people lack an of erection due to some diseases.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

man with erectile dysfunction
Sometimes, a man notices that morning erection is gone. Lack of erection in the morning can be caused by several factors:

  • fatigue;
  • nervous shock;
  • some diseases.

Let’s consider these factors in more detail. The modern world dictates its own rules – a man experiences stress and have sleeping disorders. As a result, fatigue accumulates and intensifies. It is like a snowball. What should you do in this case? You should spend you forces rationally, go to bed no later than 10 p.m. Sleep should last at least for 8 hours. If you normalize your sleep, you sexual function will be restored.

The reasons of missing morning erection:

  • nervous shock;
  • emotional distress;
  • stress followed a man for a long time.

Feelings of anger, resentment, fear, envy can also reduce potency. Some people experience these emotions so strong that they spend oo much internal body energy. As a result, a man starts suffering from sexual dysfunction.

If you have lost a morning erection because of stress, you should try to get rid of negative emotions. Try not to take these events too close, learn how to relax and enjoy life. Useful exercise, walking, trip into the countryside will be helpful. When erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, measures should be taken to revive it again as soon as possible.

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The presence of disease is another major cause of a weak potency. You normalize your lifestyle but your morning erection has not appeared… So, there is the reason to suspect organic pathology presence. Think about it: what if you have prostatitis, venereal pathology, diabetes, or systemic diseases? It is necessary to visit a urologist. The doctor will advise you to undergo medical screening to find out the cause of the problem.

Sometimes, men have no erection during sex. There are 3 reasons for that:

  • psychological;
  • physiological;
  • household.

Most often, an erection is absent due to psychological causes of ED. These reasons are individual for each man but their character is similar:

  1. Unsuccessful first sexual experience. This negative experience impresses future sexual life.
  2. Diffidence. Fear not to bring your partner pleasure, be skillful not enough in her eyes, experience how everything will proceed, lead to the fact that at the right time there is no erection at all. If you are afraid of such a situation you are welcome to take Viagra to be ready at the right moment.
  3. Partner’s behavior. If a woman expresses or shows displeasure nonverbally, underlines his physiological characteristics, size, erection is more likely to disappear. With such an unwise partner right erection disappears quickly during lovemaking.
  4. Problems at work, prolonged stress, depression.
  5. Personal problems can drive a man out of normal life rhythm, including sex. Such people may be tired mentally, physically, and even be indifferent to sex.

If you do not have an erection when in contact with the partner but can achieve during masturbation, it means that the problem is of a psychological character.

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How to solve the problem?

What to do to solve the psychological problems:

  1. The first step is to understand the reason. If you do not get enough sleep, a lot of nervous, experiencing a stressful situation, you’d better to take care of eliminating these factors.
  2. Discuss the issue with your partner. Heart-to-heart conversations prove that your relations are trust-based ones. The essence is that: you should not be afraid of sexual failure, knowing that your partner perceives everything with calm understanding.
  3. Do not think about sex. Many men who suffer from erection lack are too focused on his “manhood”. But the main aspects that bring a lot of pleasure to the woman – tenderness, affection with hands, tongue, and lips. Try to pay enough attention to foreplay, partner stimulation, studying her body, finding erogenous zones. Speak kind words, become sensuous to achieve the fullness of intimacy. Unfortunately, not all men pay enough attention to it getting stuck on your reproductive organs and making satisfaction unattractive for your partner.
  4. Pay attention to your self-esteem. Every man has to understand: he deserves to be happy. If you have not been explained this fact in childhood, and even persuaded you on the contrary, it explains why erection disappears. To overcome childhood trauma by yourself or with the help of a psychologist.
  5. Specialists’ help required! The specialist must be a psychologist or sex therapist. As with the genitals is all right, you should study out your mental condition. Specialist identifies and helps to overcome your anxiety, doubts, problems, rooted from childhood. Self-doubt and fear become deeper and after a while result in a lack of erection.
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If the problem carries physiological character, you need urologist help. The doctor will the cause of the pathology. It is necessary to pass a general analysis of blood, urine, secretion for infection presence, carry out a prostate ultrasound. After diagnosis, doctor chooses the necessary treatment.