Propecia works in 95-% of men and becomes one of the most effective means for treating baldness among male half of population. As Canadian Healthcare Mall practice shows, when taking this drug, hair growth is noticeably stimulated, hair loss is stopped, hair quality, in general, is improved. In general, hair becomes more thick, healthy and, as a result, attractive. Those who decided to buy Propecia online, note: the product significantly contributes to saturation of hair color.

If you take into account finasteride reviews, it is one of the most effective anti-hair loss drugs in US and EU. Thousands of men who solved their problem of hair loss with this proven product made sure themselves.

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The drug active ingredient is finasteride. Each pill contains 1 mg of finasteride, respectively. This drug is in demand, thanks to proven effectiveness. It is recommended by trichologists for treatment and prevention of hereditary alopecia. Another feature of a formula is that it should only be used by men. Women are advised to choose another means.

Does Generic Propecia Work?

Finasteride (Generic Propecia) reacts in the body and activates growth of hair, prevents its loss. The main secret of this remedy is content of testosterone. This powerful hormone has a direct effect on the condition of hair follicles, sebaceous glands. You can see the first results of taking the drug 6 months after beginning the course.propecia for androgenic alopeciaSpecialists recommend taking 1 pill once a day. Time of taking pills does not matter, as well as the time of last meal. Do not increase daily dose of Propecia, as this can result in uncontrollable consequences.

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To reduce the rate of hair loss and noticeably increase their growth, you need to take this preparation for at least three months. In this case, Propecia does really work and gives visible results. To achieve the best effect, treatment after this course should be continued. If the drug is withdrawn, then within 12 months hair will return to its previous state.


Finasteride is strictly forbidden to take:

  • to children and women, especially pregnant or preparing for pregnancy;
  • at hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug.

Side Effects

Side effects during the reception were seen in 0,5 – 1% of cases. Basically, they relate to a sexual sphere of men: decrease in sexual desire, decrease in quantity of seminal fluid and problems with erection. After discontinuation of the drug, these phenomena disappeared completely.

Which is Better: Generic or Original?

As the members of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America have determined, generic is nothing but an analog of original medications. Analogue does not mean fake because generics are produced taking into account all international quality standards (GMP).

It should be noted that production of generic forms takes less money than originals. Buying them, you do not overpay for a brand name, spending not so much money. In addition, properties of generics are exactly the same as those of originals – and this is their main advantage: for much less money you get a similar product in terms of composition, effect and effectiveness.

How to Buy Propecia?

Thanks to clinical trials that have been carried out in 16 countries during five years, it has been proved that Propecia improves hair growth. Buy generic Propecia in Canadian Health&Care Mall online pharmacy and you will regain your thick and beautiful hair.