memory derangementImpairment of memory is a condition related to many neurological disorders, including strokes, hypoxia, cardiac surgery, malnutrition, tumors, head trauma, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, and so on. We may distinguish two variants of this disorder including dysmnesia and paramnesia. Dysmnesia is subdivided into hypermnesia, hypomnesia, and amnesia. Let’s grapple with the types separately.

Hypermnesia is intensified recollection which is closely connected with the weakening of current information remembering. Spontaneous memory is at risk zone first of all. People suffering from this kind of memory derangement revive the pictures of past events which do not have any connection with the present.

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Hypomnesia is a kind of dysmnesia and is manifested in disorder of abilities to keep in mind, to catch the events, reproduce the distinctive events. You may compare this kind of impairment of memory with slashes in the memory. It seems that you may remember only some episodes of the great event happening in the past. The lightest form of hypomnesia is the disability to remember phone numbers or some figures combinations for example.

The third type of dysmnesia is amnesia. Amnesia is a complete memory impairment of events, facts, and situations which take place at some time span in the past. It means you do not remember anything at all about these events. Amnesia may be observed as a separate disease and may be divided into:

    • retrograde amnesia;
    • anterograde amnesia;
    • fixation amnesia;
    • progressive amnesia.
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Retrograde amnesia is manifested in the process of forgetting some events which were preceding the acute form of this disorder. Retrograde amnesia may include different time span, for example, ten minutes or a whole day and further and further.

Anterograde amnesia is a complete or partial loss of memory of events which happen straightforward after the condition of the altered state of consciousness. The first and the second type of amnesia may be met together, in this case, it is applied to speak about retrograde amnesia.

The next two types are connected closely with the disability to remember the exact facts or figures. They are not so widespread really speaking.

But the time comes to get acquainted with the definition of paramnesia. Paramnesia is a mistaken, false recollection. A person in this situation may remember the events well enough but refer them to another time span. You may remember everything but your temporary orienting points are destroyed completely. It is rather difficult to live under such a state because it may mix up the real picture.

Of course, memory derangement is incurable but you may sustain your brain condition with the help of vitamins, special medical preparations which may be ordered via online. You won’t regret about time spent on this procedure because the game is worth the candle.