Nowadays the modern technologies let people solve such health problems about the solution of which we have not been able to think even five years ago. Today we are able to treat more disorders including severe ones in comparison with our past attempts, moreover, we may order drugs produced in different countries directly from the manufacturers. For example, Canadian Health&Care mall is a pharmaceutical company being in conformity with the quality standards. The most terrible situations when our children suffer from severe disorders being on thin ice. The same happens with congenital heart disease.

What is congenital heart disease?

Congenital Heart DiseaseCongenital heart disease is the anatomic heart disorder, its vessels, or valves arising still antenatal. Congenital heart disease in children can be unnoticeable but can manifest right after the birth. On average this disease meets in thirty percent of cases and takes the first place among the diseases causing the death of newborns and children as young as one year. After a year the mortality percentage falls and aged from one to fifteen about five percent of children die. We may distinguish seven types of congenital heart disease at newborns including pathology of the interventricular septum, of the interatrial septum, aortic coarctation, aortic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, major vessels transposition, pulmonary valve stenosis.

The main reasons for congenital heart disease appearance are an external influence on a fetus in the first pregnancy trimester. The viral disease of the mother (for example, rubella), radiation exposure, drug influence, drug addiction, alcoholism of mother can cause heart disorder. A great role also plays father’s health state but thus congenital heart disease appearance doesn’t almost depend on the genetic predisposition. We may point out the following risk factor, they are toxicosis, threatened miscarriage during the first trimester, the presence of pregnancies in the past ending by the dead childbirth, the presence of children with this disorder in the family, endocrine pathologies of both parents and mother’s age.

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Of course, there are nowadays different ways of this disorder treatment but there are such cases when the doctors are not able to help and a child dies. It is the end for parents as well as for doctors. But medicine today is developed enough and ready to do its best to keep children alive as much as it is possible.

Such operations may be applied as minimally invasive procedures with catheterization, open surgery, transplantation, medical therapy. Catheter therapy allows to carry out treatment of congenital heart diseases without radical surgical intervention. Sometimes expeditious treatment of congenital heart diseases, mainly in hard cases, carry out to some stages. At the heart disorders which aren’t subject to treatment, the heart transplantation is advised to a child. Medicinal therapy is applied often to the treatment of adults, children of advanced age. By means of medicines, it is possible to improve cardiac function, to provide normal blood supply. So you may see there are ways to treat this disorder you won’t put your hands off. Do believe in your efforts! Do your best to overcome this disorder.