memoryPossibilities of our memory depend on three components: potential, inherited by nature, current memory state and its fitness. The person gets natural potential from the birth. Memory is diverse and its features at different people are various. Congenital resources of memory at desire and conscious efforts over themselves can be used more productively and rationally. The memory state is the current opportunities of information storing which can influence high-quality change of memory potential. Functional abilities of human brain are maintained by fourteen billion cells with incalculable number of connections between them. And brain is the active and difficult structure highly sensitive to any environment manifestations, beginning with magnetic storms and finishing whether on a convenient chair you now sit or not. And one factor helps us to improve quality of memory, and others, on the contrary, to lower. Below we will consider that it is possible to undertake for improvement of operation of memory mechanisms. Memory fitness is a result of conscious efforts and exercises on storing and reproduction of information. Regular memory training will allow to make it more flexible and operated, as much as possible to involve resources of brain and natural memory potential. You may train your memory by vitamins sold by Canadian Health&Care Mall.

How to improve in the periods of wakefulness and rest, let’s find the answer. During sleeping there is a chemical process of brain cells restoration by means of the main neuromediators (substance with the participation of which transfer of nervous impulse between neurons is carried out). Without full-fledged sleep, memory of the person is incapable to work in full capacity. Besides the brain, as well as all human body, is adjusted on biorhythms of day and night therefore it is necessary to sleep at night, only during the dark period and having healthy sleep a complete recovery of brain cells occurs.

Regular physical activity promotes supply of brain with blood and oxygen, and also necessary hormones which provide optimum conditions for productive work. In days passes about 2000-2200 liters of blood through the brain. As blood has to bear enough oxygen for brain activity and operability, it is necessary to do “oxygen pauses” – to visit the improving centers, sporting events, occupations by dances, daily foot walks. The adequate food ration is necessary for productive brain work and memory. Insufficiency and monotony in food during the long period of time can cause tricks of the memory. Fast “having a snack”, dry breakfast cereal or anti-recessionary fried eggs in the morning, during the lunchtime and for dinner such a diet can cause degenerate changes in brain. Therefore one of composed good work of memory is to eat regularly and variously. You may add vitamins in food to sustain your organism and you may order them via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

There are special vitamins for memory improvement. The main group of the vitamins influencing improvement of memory are vitamins of group B. At good nutrition, absence of serious diseases and a healthy work-rest schedule people receive enough vitamins C and need for their additional reception arises only with age. But if the sphere of your activity or day regimen are connected with intensive mental and intellectual overloads, it is necessary to accept complex rates of vitamins for brain activity stimulation. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that it is necessary to take vitamins in advance. So, students need to begin intake of vitamins a month before the beginning of session, then by the time of preparation and examination the organism will be prepared and will have a sufficient reserve of vitamins which will allow to remember easier large volumes of information, so and successfully to pass examinations. Age shortage of vitamins needs to be filled, accepting a complex of vitamins each half a year.