MigraineA migraine is a very spread type of a headache but it may be treated and after being examined by the professional it is better to start treatment immediately. This condition is just that disease which very few people treat seriously. Many famous people suffered from a migraine: Julius Caesar, Calvin, Linney, Pascal, Beethoven, Darwin, Marx, Nobel, Heine, On, Maupassant, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Virginia Woolf, Nietzsche, Freud. Earlier, when the reason for a headache wasn’t studied properly, a migraine appeared periodically arising in term of headache attacks in one half of the head. The old name remained, but many types of a migraine were revealed, each of which is treated in own way.

It’s difficult to make a diagnosis of a migraine without a detailed research of the disease’s history, the neurologic status, vessels condition and intracranial pressure, and also electrophysiological research of brain. Only a low-skill expert can state such a diagnosis immediately and, unfortunately, sometimes it does occur in local policlinics. Some consider that one of the reasons for a migraine is the wrong breath. That is if you prefer to breathe “a full breast”, widely straightening shoulders and pulling in a stomach, sooner or later, but you will face headache attacks. Fortunately, you may overcome your constant headache attacks with the help of modern drugs.

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There is a selective change of vessels tone, the release of many hormonal active agents will be a consequence of that microcirculation violation – paleness and puffiness of face skin, strengthening of pulsation. Many people noticed interrelation of the stuffy room and headache long ago. Thinking of deficiency of oxygen in a dead air, they started swallowing it with even bigger greed. But, unfortunately, the result was opposite. At such forced breath they lost necessary carbonic acid even more and started “feeling physically” shortage of oxygen. They were embraced by panic, breathing became more intensive, and in eyes, the fear increased more and more – the brain hypoxia only increased.

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In other cases, the attack of a migraine can be provoked by strong emotions, excessive mental and physical activities when the blood contains the enormous amount of adrenaline and endomorphin. The phase of an excessive allocation of these substances naturally passed into the period of exhaustion and deficiency. That is why headaches are rarely felt in extreme situations and start disturbing after overcoming the crisis or during rest. Moreover, it was absolutely fairly noted that a migraine most often occurs during inaction and boredom.