Angiodystonia (vascular dystonia) is the violation of tonic adaptational function of blood vessels caused by violation of a vessels walls structure, and also developments of a muscular layer, which is characterized by inadequacy, insufficiency or redundancy of function that is shown as regional or general blood flow violation. Angiodystonia can strike both arterial, and venous vessels.

Angiodystonia is observed more in adults, however, recently is even more often diagnosed for school-aged children.

How to Recognize the Disease?

AngiodystoniaThe main symptoms of angiodystonia:

  • headaches of various character and origin;
  • arterial pressure variation;
  • dizziness;
  • sleeplessness;
  • systematic noise in ears.

The sensation of heaviness in head develops. Some patients note that there are such symptoms as memory impairment, visual function, hearing, sense of smell violations. In certain cases, symptoms of angiodystonia are extremity, neck, back pains. A headache which is angiodystonia sign is localized in the temporal and temporoparietal part of the head. In rare cases, one of the possible symptoms of this disorder is the depression which is characterized by loss of control over an emotional state, difficulty breathing. The depression at angiodystonia develops against the consumptive headache breaking a human life rhythm. Often the headache isn’t associated with fatigue or stress. Pain can arise at any time, even after long rest but at rest as well.

At suspicion of angiodystonia carrying out a complex examination is necessary. The main methods of diagnostics of the disease are noninvasive techniques one of which is the rheoencephalography– the research of brain vessels based on monitoring of changes of fabrics resistance sizes at the impact on them of weak electric impulses of high frequency.

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It is rather difficult according to the symptoms described above to identify the disorder really speaking but the doctor will help you to establish the diagnosis. When you know all the information it is rather easier to treat the disease. Having a prescription list you may check out the website of Canadian HealthCare mall. It is an Internet supplier of drugs besides it ships drugs internationally that’s why it is very comfortable to make an order and wait for the parcel delivered.

Angiodystonia isn’t an independent disease. This violation has the postprimary nature, developing against other diseases that define tactics of treatment of this disease. So, first of all at angiodystonia treatment has to be directed on the elimination of the main disease.

Angiodystonia demands continuous monitoring from the attending physician even at the total absence of a symptomatic complex. In rare cases, this disorder which treatment is considered to be complex can become the reason for total loss of working capacity the patient at an expressed symptomatic complex. Now there are no criteria for a choice of optimum medicines for the treatment of violation and elimination of symptoms. Treatment is selected individually taking into account reactions of an organism to a complex therapy. So that you are not allowed to self- medicating – doctors will help you to get rid of this disease.