Canadian citizenCanadian Health&Care Mall represents a well-organized system of insurance plans providing coverage to every Canadian citizen. It is financed publicly and managed by territories and provinces under the guidelines of federal government. Usually the provincial taxation provides about one-half of all the funding for health care, and less than one-third of this sum goes to other social programs.

Under the Health Care Act, in Canada preventative care, medical treatment, dental surgery, access to hospitals and other additional medical services are provided not for all the citizens, but health coverage is available regardless of personal income, medical history and standard of living.

Because of many Canadian Health&Care Mall minuses, the doubtful organization of the system causes a lot of political and social debates, especially concerning its efficiency and enormous public expenditure annually being spent to new equipment, salaries and additional needs. Moreover, long waiting lists still remains «Achilles’ heel» of Canadian health care. Some suggest Canada to reconstruct and approximate the already existing system to the United States’ pattern. On the other hand, the privatization may lead to the situation when only the wealthy being will be able to afford medical treatment, especially its extraordinary types.

Moreover, it’s important to add that hospitals under the private sector provide certain medical services in a shorter time that those that are under the public one. There no such long waiting lists and maintenance is much higher what, no doubt, make people choose to pay money than to wait several months.

In addition, in private clinics, as a rule, physicians are much more attentive and polite. It happens because the owners of such private hospitals pay health care providers pretty money indeed. That is why more and more people everyday changes public health care to a private one.

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How to change the situation? This question is rather difficult to answer on a spot. Perhaps, the government should thought out physicians’ working conditions and motivates them additionally by higher salaries or certain bonuses, and, no doubt, something should be done with waiting lists as they are the main reason for patient to refuse any public health assistance.

So, Canadian Health&Care Mall has a lot of disadvantages inside its system, but it still remains the best country in lifespan and the rate of mortality, that, of course, is a great achievement for the country.