acute coldDo you know what is the most widespread disease worldwide? To answer this question, we need to open the Guinness Book of Records. So, we read: “The most widespread disease in the world is an acute cold. In Great Britain, 2820000 days of incapacitation due to this disease are registered only in one year”. Even without “The Records Book” it is clear that a cold is the most widespread disease. We asked the acquaintances, friends, relatives, and it turned out that every one of them had a cold at least once in the life. I think that our readers also suffered from a cold at least once.

More facts about a cold

A cold is an uncomfortable disease but it may be treated. You only need to find the necessary treatment.

First of all cold is divided into acute and chronic. There is acute cold of the infectious and noninfectious origin. A cold of the infectious origin can arise from various infectious diseases, for example, flu, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria. They are like “annex” to the main disease, and less attention, in this case, is paid to them. Usually, a cold disappears after the treatment. A cold is a very widespread state. Is it infection or something else? In case of flu, everything is clear; but a cold is a consequence of mucous membrane damage and is followed by other complaints including headaches, a substantial increase in temperature.

The viruses illnesses are widespread all over the world, especially in the countries with a frigid and temperate climate. There is this disease in the form of epidemics, especially in the large cities, but unlike flu, epidemic flashes have a local character, generally in wet and cold weather, in the spring or in the autumn. It is very important to take preventive measures not to suffer from cold in these seasons. Canadian Health&Care Mall is the best provider and supplier of drugs for a cold, you will find everything you need in no time.

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There is also another kind of acute cold which isn’t connected with infection and viruses. The reason for its emergence was explained 30 years ago by the academician Wilhelm Fomitsch Undriz. Overcooling extremities of the person become the reason for fluctuations delay of eyelashes in the nasal cavity. Thus, naturally, nose protective functions are broken. The sapphire flora (the microbes which are constantly living in a nose cavity, inherently harmless not defiant diseases) becomes more active and causes the nose cavity inflammation leading to the characteristic phenomena of cold which are already described.

It is rather unusual that a cold is considered the most widespread disease but this is the fact. You should be attentive in the seasons when a cold if prevailing all over the world. Try new methods of cold treatment and modern medical preparations to overcome this disorder.