Stendra (Avanafil) received FDA approval very quickly. This article gives a general information about this drug.

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FDA-approved Stendra – a faster analog of Viagra

US Food and Drug Administration has authorized Avanafil to change the recommended time of drug administration. The drug is intended to treat erectile dysfunction. If earlier a man to achieve the desired effect of the drug should take one pill at least 30 minutes before planned sexual intercourse, now this interval will not exceed 15 minutes. To this conclusion, both drug creators and FDA experts came after reviewing results of further clinical trials. A manufacturer is now able to change the recommended of drug administration to the smaller side in instructions to the drug and inscription on the packaging.

In the near future American men, experiencing problems with potency will be able to test in practice effect of the drug, which provides an appearance of erection in just 15 minutes. This is much faster than legendary drug Viagra. This is an important change, which can significantly enhance the quality of sexual activity in men, as it allows more spontaneous contact, not just scheduled sex. After approval, Stendra became the fastest ED drug from Canadian Health&Care Mall. For comparison: in order to obtain an effect of the first and most well-known drug for erectile dysfunction – Viagra, it should be taken at least an hour before planned intimacy.

Description and Brief History

Stendra Description and History

Stendra is a drug for oral use. It is designed to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) of varying severity. Modern men often have problems with potency. ED means a physiological state, in which man is completely unable to achieve or maintain an erection. The causes of impotence are very numerous. Most often, doctors consider the polluted environment, severe stress, psychological tension, abuse of nicotine and alcohol. It’s the youngest drug for potency treatment. At its development, the most advanced pharmacological methods were used.

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Avanafil belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors group. The drug of new generation differs with more selective action and almost no side effects.

Still, many people ask: «How did Stendra appear? Is it FDA approved?» This drug was developed by «Vivus» company. This is a small pharmaceutical company, which main office is located in Mountain View (California, USA). The process of drug development served as the basis for a documentary «Orgasm Inc» (2009). Avanafil FDA approval date is April 27, 2012. EMA approved the drug on June 21, 2013. Currently, the drug is sold in more than 40 countries.

More facts about Stendra: