Propecia (finasteride) is medication seeming to be a sensation on the Western market. This drug takes the second place according to the high demand on the pharmaceutical market after Viagra. Propecia rapidly gains popularity. Propecia is recommended to take when you suffer from baldness but it is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

1992 was the year of Propecia discovery. Propecia nowadays is a remedy making it possible to carry out sexual intercourses when you have problems of this kind. Canadian Health&Care Mall includes this preparation in the assortment. We have favorable prices to provide men with effective medication to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Dosage and Administration

The pill should be taken once a day. The dosage is determined individually depending on:

  • general health condition;
  • counterindications;
  • action spectrum.

Action Spectrum

Finasteride transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone decreasing its concentration in the bloodstream. So that it is possible to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. You may protect yourself from three male problems:

  • baldness;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • prostate cancer.


There are a lot of men who check by their own experience the effectiveness of Propecia. They share their opinion with us.

OkJack, 39: “I come across with the problem of baldness and to tell you the truth I was confused. My problem is I do not start the treatment at the moment the problem appears. Propecia helps me to get rid of this shameful problem. Now I am again satisfied with my look.”

Greg, 66: “This medication is a treasure for me. Problems with erectile function disappear at all. It becomes possible for me to get pleasure during sexual intercourse. Sex is a pleasant side of life!”

Mike, 45: “I ordered Propecia online in 2010. I make my erectile function problems run away from me. You are capable to revive your sexual life again with this medication. Oh, my wife is the exact women getting pleasure from all this.”

John, 37: “Thanks to this drug, my dream comes true when I have started taking this medication. I face the problem with erectile dysfunction too early that’s why I found the way out – Propecia. Thanks Got for this medication.”

Jason, 51: “Canadian Health&Care Mall offers you effective preparation for erectile dysfunction known as Propecia. I recommend this service for a long time that’s why I make up my mind to place an order for this drug. I am glad to have tested this medication.”