What is Propecia and How does it Work?

Propecia is one of the most effective treatment methods for androgenetic alopecia (hair loss). It is now sold in almost all pharmacies of the world and you can easily buy this means without a prescription.

Many of you may have heard another commercial name for the product – Proscar, which contains the same active substance – finasteride but is intended to solve prostate problems in men.

Both generic Propecia and Proscar are trademarks owned by Merck & Co. Inc., USA.

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Finasteride was originally developed by Merck as a drug for prostatic hyperplasia treatment. In clinical trials in men with prostate problems, researchers found a very interesting side effect – hair growth.

After Finasteride was approved by FDA for prostatic hyperplasia treatment, Merck decided to study the possibility of using finasteride as the main agent for treatment of male pattern baldness.

As already widely described, 5-alpha-reductase is an important enzyme that is located inside and around hair follicles, and which converts testosterone into more active androgen – dihydrotestosterone (DHT), whose effect leads to weakening and miniaturization of follicles and, ultimately, to androgenetic alopecia. There are at least two enzymes of 5-alpha-reductase. It is believed that the first type (I) is more active than the second type (II) in development of androgenetic alopecia.

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How does Propecia Work?

This drug is an inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase type II. With the reduction of 5-alpha-reductase type II, the concentration of testosterone, which is converted to dihydrotestosterone, decreases. With a lower concentration of dihydrotestosterone, which joins receptors of hair follicles, there is a decrease in miniaturization of hair follicles characteristic of androgenetic alopecia. In the beginning, many dermatologists were wondering if 5-alpha-reductase type II inhibitor would be really effective in treating androgenetic alopecia. It, in fact, does not affect the action of 5-alpha-reductase type I, but still responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Basing on reliable results of clinical studies, doubts of dermatologists proved to be unreasonable.

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III phase of such trials were carried out for several years. According to manufacturer Merck, the double-blind randomized study was used at this stage and 60 dermatological clinics were initially involved (33 in the US and 27 outside the US) and 1,533 male volunteers during the first year. Of this number, 1,215 volunteers continued the testing program for another year. At the beginning of the study, the age of participants ranged from 18 to 41 years with grade III, IV and V degree of alopecia on Hamilton / Norwood scale. Participants were given 1 mg of Propecia or placebo for daily use.

Subjective and objective indicators were used to evaluate results of restoring hair growth during the study. The subjective analysis included the participation of each patient in completing a questionnaire on results of treatment.

The goal of the objective analysis was to observe the specific area of the scalp, allocated in the same place for each patient by means of small tattoo points. Evaluation took into account density of terminal hair and coating obtained on a certain area of scalp-taking into account thickness, linear hair growth, diameter, duration of anagen phase and kinetics of hair cycle. Also, photos were regularly taken for semi-quantitative analysis of total cosmetic change. Subjective and objective indicators were analyzed by dermatologists who did not know who took Propecia and who – placebo.

Results of the Study

The results of the study for the first year of phase III: average increase in density of hair + 86 per inch with a diameter of 2,54 cm in the area of scalp under observation (+ 11%) for patients taking Propecia. Those who took placebo had an average reduction in hair density – 21 per inch with a diameter of 2.54 cm (- 2,7%). Thus, the result was average difference in more than 107 terminal hair in circular observation zone 2,54 cm in diameter for users compared to placebo users. Evaluation of photographs after a year from the start of testing suggests an increase in hair growth by 48% for those who used Propecia and only 7% for those who used a placebo. 30% of male users were evaluated as «slightly noticeable growth of new hair» and 18% as «marked increase in new hair».

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6% of male users of placebo were rated as «slightly noticeable growth of new hair» and only 1% as «marked increase in new hair».

The second year of the study showed no further increase in thickness of hair in the examined area of the scalp for users, so the density of capillaries remained the same. Photo of a semi-quantitative analysis showed constant improvement in scalp coverage even during the second year of the study. This improvement is associated with hair follicles that already existed in the first year of analysis, by increasing anagen phase and diameter of the hair shaft. In placebo users, during the second year of testing, gradual progression of androgenetic alopecia continued, which led to decrease in hair cover.

Studies show that patient’s age does not affect the effectiveness of the drug and final result of treatment. As might be expected for those with minimal alopecia, the minimal improvement was obtained from the use of the drug. Caucasian men showed the greatest hair growth than men of the Asian or African American race. Therefore, we can conclude that Propecia is effective for a large percentage of people, but not for all men suffering from androgenetic alopecia. It has higher effectiveness in blocking progression of alopecia and only for some lucky people the drug is able to stimulate hair growth.Propecia for hair loss

You can try to buy Propecia for your problem of hair loss, and Canadian Pharmacy offers the lowest price for this miracle drug, but we do not guarantee the result, as each case is individual and medical advice is necessary before treatment.

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Division of finasteride pills (Proscar) for use as a medicine for treatment of androgenetic alopecia is a common practice in countries where Propecia is not available. Each Proscar pill contains 5 mg of finasteride. This amount is optimal for treating genitourinary problems and more than enough to treat androgenetic alopecia.