Some people begin suffering from asthma in childhood the other being old enough to realize all the seriousness of asthma. Some people think asthma is caused by allergic agents or genetic predisposition. But who is right in this considerations? Let’s try to point out the main interesting and controversial reasons for asthma.

Which Triggers Can Cause Asthma? Facts You Didn’t Know

People who consider asthma appearance to be because of genetic predisposition or allergy are both right but there are other facts which may provoke the strengthen of asthma attacks. For example hormones in women especially before emmenia, during pregnancy or postpartum. It happens because of hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause allergic rhinitis and sinusitis which may provoke asthma attacks. But there are women who during pregnancy feel relieved because the hormone – pregnenedione- decreases the smooth muscle tonus and makes it easy to breathe.
asthma in childhood

The second interesting fact that asthma may be caused by viruses infections. The diseases which flow with a broncho-obstructive syndrome. This syndrome may form asthmatic predisposition in children because it is rather difficult to protect children from infections, especially in kindergarten and schools. It is better to consult the doctor about this statement and work out preventive measures not to be involved in such a disorder as asthma.

People with obesity suffer from asthma more often and flow more severe in comparison with people with a normal weight. It happens because the pulmonary function doesn’t completely operate. If you want to take your asthma under control you’d better try to find the diet to lose weight. The diet should include vegetables, fruits, and water. And one more point is physical exercise outside. It will help to hold on asthma attacks and lose weight as much as possible.

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Stress may be also a trigger of asthma. Financial problems, experiences for relatives, and even unexpected pleasure, for example, a wedding can drive the person in stress condition. Any big event in life may become a trigger of asthma for example moving, new work or parting. There is a lot of reasons, but the stress mechanism is one namely it forces an organism to throw out hormones in the blood which are allocated at danger or threat. The strong stress can become a push even for illness primary development. If you go through difficult times, talk to your attending physician, perhaps for this period you need to take more medicine. It is good if he directs you to the physiotherapist who will teach you to relaxation breath methods.

Such pleasant occupation in every respect as sex, unfortunately, can become the asthma trigger as well. Usually, it occurs at people who start having trouble breathing during physical activity or exercise-induced asthma.

So we may come to a conclusion that asthma may be caused by different factors and this list may be completed at any time.