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Canadian Health and Care Mall
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Validity Period: 17 May 2017 – 31 Aug 2017

General Terms

Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online service of providing people with remedies of high quality. Canadian Health&Care Mall contributes for any customer to purchase necessary products at decreased price with no Rx. Any sms-mailing from Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Mall is unpermitted.

What is Estimated as Spam?

We estimate any sms-mailing to customers or just any Internet users having no relation to our online store without their previous sanction as spam. Our online pharmacy and our customers should meet the following sms-distribution requirements:

  • message topic and content must not be comprised of any untrue, improper or deceitful information;
  • messages must not be delivered to customers without their previous sanction;
  • clients’ actions must not disturb advertising law;
  • Canadian Health Care customers agree not to spam our service.


Measures in Case of Non-observance with Main Requirements

In case of getting dissatisfaction on Anti-spam policy rules disturbance, delivery of services will be ceased until the end of investigation, as a result account may be banned. Usually, decisions concerning complaints is issued within 24 hours.

How We Respond to Spam

We take every effort that’s why our sms-distribution successfully reached their recipient, so to alert spam distribution, we:

  1. arrange obligatory pre-moderation for all sent messages (while we give guarantees for you of in no time distribution);
  2. ban those accounts which attempt to hold spamming operations;
  3. prohibit sms-distribution to customers that have not exhibited their sanction to be sent messages via Canadian Health Care Mall online service;
  4. every e-mail must contain distribution refusal link;
  5. constantly monitor public black-lists and immense undertake work on deleting our servers from them.

Spam Complaints from our Customers

If you have delivered spam messages with any remark on Canadian Health Care Mall, please inform us via e-mail to support@healthcaremall4you.com Please send us spam message, and all necessary for us information (data, time). You may also leave your feedback here – https://healthcaremall4you.com/testimonils.html.