ToxicomaniaToxicomania is a breathing in of inhalants. Toxicomania is one of the types of drug addiction leading to the severe disorders. After breathing in of inhalants people feel some kind of light euphoria, dizziness and may lose consciousness. But there are more severe ramifications caused by toxicomania. They are the intoxication of the organism and as a result sudden death because the heart doesn’t bare the enormous amount of dangerous substances entering the body.

The problem is that children and teenagers are the exact living organisms who are in risk zone because in their ages they are eager to taste everything possible. They do not think seriously about the further implications. Of course, it is a global problem which is tried to be solved but there is no way out because of black dealers. It seems that drugs are sold in each shop like cigarettes or whiskey. It is very important to identify such an addiction of children to be in time to place them into rehab centers.

How Canada Copes with Toxicomania?

For example, in Canada, there is a special program the main idea of which is to inform people about the atmosphere in the country in concern with drugs. Canadian Health Care Mall addresses to the citizens to be attentive to their children first of all to avoid this problem or if in case it has happened already parents should call for help. For this aim, a lot of rehab centers are opened to treat drug addicts and they really do their best to return them back to the ordinary life.

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There are different types of toxicomania:

  • tranquilizers;
  • caffeism;
  • builder’s tea;
  • smoking addictions.

When you take tranquilizers for a long time, there appears the addiction. If a man tries to stop or quit taking tranquilizers it may lead to insomnia, nightmares, constant anxious feelings. Such symptoms as myotonia, epileptic seizures, phrenology.

The second type of toxicomania is caffeism. It seems to be no danger when you drink coffee but it is a misinterpretation. Caffeism and builder’s tea have resembled to each other but such addictions are not so dangerous, they may destroy sleep and some discomfort may appear.

One more type of toxicomania is smoking. This bad habit is equal to the habit of taking drugs. They both damage the organs to such an extent that there may be observed severe diseases caused by these substances. Nowadays smoking habit comes out too early, especially among teenagers. It does harm to their uncompleted formed organism.

As a conclusion, we may say that the key element in this situation is an attention. And if such a trouble comes into your family do not be afraid to ask for help instead of losing everything you have.