Furunculosis is a disease of infectious character at which there is a formation of furuncles. A furuncle is a hair follicle purulent inflammation in which the surrounding fabrics are involved. The inflammation is caused by infectious agent appearance which is known as staphylococcus. Most often Staphylococcus aureus is the reason of furunculosis, is more rare – white staphylococcus.

What do you need to know about furunculosis?

FurunculosisThe furunculosis exciting cause is considered to be the infectious agent penetration to the skin through the mickrotraumas. As a result the purulonecrotic process is going on entailing the hair follicle and surrounding fabrics. However the leading factor of inflammation emergence is decrease in immunity. Staphylococcus aureus belongs to extremely widespread pathogenic microorganisms, usually it gets on skin of the healthy person, without causing diseases.

Microtrauma is a very frequent phenomenon. Protective properties decrement is the favorable factor which leads to staphylococcus appearance in the organism. Thus, of course, observance health and safety policy is very important because insanitary conditions are the factors of furunculosis development. As a rule, even the single furuncle testifies about the reduced immunity, but furunculosis at which multiple furuncles are formed, always witnesses immune system failure. The reasons of similar failure there can be a set: general diseases of an organism, disturbed circulation, endocrine disorders, physical and psychoemotional supertension.

The diagnostics usually doesn’t cause difficulties,because the inflammation areas put up on the surface. However in case of incurable furunculosis the developed diagnostics with establishment of the exact reasons of furunculosis can be demanded. In this case bacterial test of purulent contents of a follicular pustula, the developed blood test, immunodiagnostics are carried out. In the absence of result conduct full examination of an organism as in this case the general disease can be the cause of a furunculosis (diabetes, a blood disease, etc.).

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Local treatment of a furunculosis consists in carrying out antibacterial therapy, anesthesia, creation of aseptic conditions for prevention of spread of an infection.