Mental DisordersMental disorders are the result of severe and acute disorders of different systems in the organism with brain disorders. The causes of mental disorders are enormous. We may distinguish among them the following pathological hereditary background, acute or chronic infectious disorders, the intoxication of the organism because of metabolism disorders, brain injury, acute psychic traumas.

Clearly identified hereditary disorders with a direct-driven disorder to the descendant is only the part of mental disorders mostly included and named oligophrenia. Clinical experience and special researches show that the pathological hereditary background plays the main role in schizophrenia. Among types of intoxication causing mental disorders, the first place is taken by alcohol consumption, which may lead to alcoholic psychosis. Mental disorders may be also provoked by drug addiction. The intoxication of industrial poison and incorrect intake of medical preparations may also be the ground for mental disorders appearance. Severe diseases such cancer may cause mental disorders of brain injuries.

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The development and appearance of mental diseases of certain conditions are required, for example, weakening of organism owing to somatic diseases, poisonings, sleeplessness, mental shocks. Features of the external and internal environment of organism depending on concrete circumstances can either promote or interfere with mental disorders development. The same conditions influence the clinical phenomena and features of mental disease course. The state of mentally sick during an illness changes. The extent of changes and their speed at different diseases in different patients can significantly differ. Change of clinical illness picture and condition of the patient have great forensic-psychiatric value, experts have to estimate nature of painful manifestations of mentality during the commission of an offense, in the period of consequence or examination. Experts have to consider also a further course of a disease, its forecast that is important at the solution of appointment question and on cancellation of the measures of medical character, at survey condemned.

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