Pet hairs, wool, flower dust, nuts, milk are included in the list of common allergens. Allergy is the key bane of the twenty-first century. More and more people begin suffering from this disorder but the mechanism of this condition is not identified exactly.

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for many decades but there are not so many established facts about this disease. Moreover, every year there appears more and more unresolved questions and new allergy forms. Anyway, there are several facts which are already indisputable. Some of them can be surprising.

And now we are going to look at the main facts about an allergy.

5 Things You Need To Know About AllergyAllergy

  • The first fact and the most controversial fact sounds like allergy is not a disease. Of course, there is a fundamental base of the main features of allergy but it doesn’t prove the fact that allergy is a disease. The scientists claim and firmly that allergy is an acute organism reaction to that or those environmental factors – allergens. But symptoms of different persons are individual that’s why it is not practical to identify the common allergens and their ways of elimination. Of course, there are a lot of different preparations which you may order via Canadian Health&Care Mall but it will be reasonable to notice that they just relive the unpleasant feelings but not lead to full recovery. Such preparation brings temporary relief nothing more.
  • The second fact tells us that Japanese scientists have been successful in the researchers claiming that first-born children suffer from allergy more frequently than other children. But this fact cannot be proved by any evidence, just observations for decades.
  • The third fact is considered to be more disappointing because the main allergen causing an allergy is food. An allergy to Arachis is very dangerous and may easily lead to a fatal outcome, that’s why it is very important to be attentive to any possibility to protect yourself. You may take antihistaminic preparations to control your allergy reactions under control.
  • The fourth fact tells us that not all organism’s reaction to food is an allergy. It may be just food intolerance. If you come across with such a question it is better to undergo medical screening to identify the exact reason whether it is an allergy or food intolerance. It is better to consult the doctor immediately because the advanced allergy may transfer into asthma and suffocation attacks.
  • The latest fact for today is that Sweden is the only country worldwide where allergy to electric light is considered a disease and people suffering from this “disorder” may encounter to be incapacity for work. And it is not the only interesting and funny type of allergy.