Stendra (Avanafil) is a new generation drug developed for the treatment of male erectile disorders. The medicine has become popular due to its effectiveness and its acceptable price. This drug is approved by the best Canadian doctors and tested by thousands of patients. In this article, you can read Stendra reviews shared by professional urologists and sexologists.

Stendra: What doctors say about this preparation?

Generic Stendra reviewsDavid J. Wilson, urologist: “I recommend Stendra for those patients who can not adjust the level of erection without the help of special medications. The drug provides increased blood flow to the genitals and prolongs erection. The product is absolutely harmless since it contains natural ingredients. The drug does not cause addiction or side effects. The medicine is suitable for men of different ages. However, men need to be careful with the doses, since the abuse of this drug can cause mild weakness and dizziness.”

Edmund S. Baillie, urologist: “Canadian Stendra is a good analog of the popular Viagra. The principle of action is the same: it activates the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, as a result, man can achieve erection quickly, in about half an hour after taking the drug, but lasts much longer than usual. The drug allows increasing the duration of an erection in four times. The drug can be safely recommended for men of different ages. The medicine does not have contraindications, exceptions are only particular cases when a person has an allergy to any of the components. The drug consists of natural substances that are harmless to health and do not cause side effects. But men who have heart disease should consult a specialist before use: they usually receive a reduced dose of the drug.”

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Harold J. Glines, andrologist: “I always advise my patients taking Stendra with a weak and short erection. The drug has a positive action, the effect of lasts for a long time. The medication is suitable for improving erection in men of different age categories. Useful composition does not cause side effects. However, it happens that men, trying to achieve the maximum result, unnecessarily increase their dosage. In this case, a mild allergic reaction may appear, and an overdose can cause dizziness and malaise. I recommend taking avanafil in small doses to men who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.”

Bruce P. Hansen, urologist: “If a man has problems with erection and experiences difficulties in intimate life, I recommend Stendra from Canadian HealthCare Mall: this drug is safe for health and gives a positive result. Man needs to wait half an hour after taking the drug to feel the effect of the remedy, his erection is strengthened and lasts about five times longer. Such a result is provided by a few drugs, in addition, most of the pills in this category have a lot of contraindications and often have side effects. The drug has no restrictions to use, but like any medication should be taken only in strictly prescribed doses.”

Tracy K. Farrar, sex therapist: “With a low and short erection, I recommend using Stendra (Avanafil) – this is a good analog of Viagra, it is effective and safe. The drug consists of natural ingredients, it can be safely applied to men of any age category. The drug has no contraindications, its use is prohibited only if the patient has an allergy to a component. Also, if the patient has problems with blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases or stomach diseases, the dose of the drug should be reduced. Avanafil increases the flow of blood to the genitals, due to which erection occurs quickly, it is strong and lasts for a long time. Do not abuse the drug and do not take an increased dosage: the patient’s state of health may worsen, he may suffer from nasal congestion, redness of the face or a headache.”

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Efrain F. Brooks, urologic surgeon: “Unfortunately, a weak erection is common for today. I always recommend using avanafil since this drug is not only effective but also does not cause harm to health. If you follow the dosage, you can achieve a good result and prolong your erection even six times. Some drugs have a similar effect. The product contains only natural ingredients, which means that it is safe and has no contraindications. The effect of the drug is as follows: with sexual arousal, the blood flow to the penis increases. An overdose of Stendra causes a prolonged inflow, and this can be dangerous for the organ. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and follow the indicated doses!”

Robert T. Cheatham, sexologist-urologist: “I often deal with the problem of a weak erection – alas, many men have such a problem. The reasons are different, ranging from malnutrition and ending with diseases of the genitourinary system. To eliminate erectile dysfunction quickly and effectively, I recommend trying Stendra. The medication gives good results, its action occurs quickly and lasts a long time. The advantage of the drug is its natural and harmless composition. The remedy has no contraindications, except personal intolerance to the components. The drug is an analog of Viagra, but it works much faster.”

Joseph M. Dansby, urologist: “When patients complain of erectile dysfunction or a weak erection, I recommend taking Stendra (Avanafil): it does not cause any side effects. The medicine has not yet gained great popularity, it is relatively new. However, it gives a relatively quick and qualitative result, it can be taken by men of any age. There are no contra-indications, the composition of the preparation is natural and does not harm health, and the action begins within twenty minutes after taking the capsule! It’s a good choice!”