bacteria enter the bodyIn medicine there is no concept “weak immunity”, there is a diagnosis “immunodeficiency” which testifies the serious disease existence. For this state definition, there are concrete diagnostic criteria. Contrary to the representations which developed under the influence of mass media, 4-6colds in a year or other slight infectious diseases from which the organism soon recovers, don’t testify to the weakened immunity. On the contrary, the illness is the normal reaction of the healthy immune system to meeting with new infections. As a result of the postponed infection immunological memory which remains for many years is formed, and at the following meeting with the same activator, the organism will destroy it immediately, without having allowed an illness to develop.


There are two types of immunodeficiency:

  • primary;
  • secondary (acquired).

What is Primary Immunodeficiency?

Primary immunodeficiency is a disorder characterized by infections which proceed extremely hard, badly respond to treatment, last for long, arise repeatedly and caused by rare and unusual activators. The cause of such disease is the genetic mutation breaking normal functioning of the immune system. In most cases primary immunodeficiencies are manifested soon after the birth, however not heavy forms can remain unnoticed for many years.

Immunodeficiency may be treated with vitamins or preventive measures.

Treatment allows the person to keep a normal life with primary immunodeficiency. The scheme of therapy depends on nature of immunodeficiency. By the patient, the injections of immunoglobulins providing with their normal antibodies or the drugs stimulating the formation of immune cells can be appointed. At heavy forms of the combined immunodeficiencies, transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells from close relatives or unrelated donors is recommended. The replaced stem cells occupy marrow, and the immune system starts working correctly, further therapy isn’t required. Without treatment, primary immunodeficiency can lead to a lethal outcome.

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What is The Secondary (Acquired) Immunodeficiency?

The secondary (acquired) immunodeficiency is the state developing under the influence of external factors: himio-and radiotherapy of the oncological diseases, extensive burns, alcoholism, leucosis, drug intake suppressing the activity of immune system or after an organ transplantation. The human immunodeficiency virus also leads to such state. Secondary immunodeficiencies don’t arise because of stress, a small amount of fruit in a ration, a sedentary life and other similar factors.

So we may come to a conclusion that there are two types of immunodeficiency but they are difficult to be treated but it is possible. Do not remember to check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall and find everything you need. The wide range of drugs will easily draw people’s attention.