Persistent erection is an indicator of male power, but with age, it can decline. Even with erectile dysfunction, you can enjoy full sexual life, in moments of intimacy show richness of imagination, skillfully engage in love-making and give women maximum pleasure. On one condition: your medicine box has Levitra – a drug of high performance, created specifically for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Vardenafil is intended for long-term sexual intercourses. The drug increases orgasm and not only helps to save your relationship with your partner but also bring them to whole new level! A convenient form for administration and restoring erections in just 25 minutes, after which you will be in form for about 10 hours is enough for bright and eventful sexual life!

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Levitra Drug: Advantages and Cost


If you compare it with other drugs in this area and not focus on medical terms, the answer is quite simple. It starts to operate faster and duration of its effect on the body occurs during a long time. When receiving this drug it starts to operate after about 20 minutes. First effects appear. You will immediately feel a surge of strength and energy and feel ready for new victories in the sexual sphere. Just note that Levitra does not cause an instant erection. It allows enhancing the effect of sexual excitement in men. This means that even if the drug is already in the blood, the erection will not occur. And for this to happen you need normal sexual desire. That is, you will not have problems with your genitals.

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low-cost levitraUntil natural desire appears, the drug won’t start to help, but when your sexual excitement begins to occur, the drug will immediately help you. The fact is that during sexual excitement nitric oxide is produced in the male body, thus expanding arteries and increasing blood flow. The drug enhances this action, and thanks to vardenafil – its active ingredient, this effect lasts for hours. Forget about planning your sexual intercourses in advance. Because generic Levitra is taken 15 minutes before sexual intercourse and maintains its action for a long time.

This medication does not interact with alcohol, although studies of the high content of alcohol in blood were not conducted. Therefore it is necessary to refrain from taking large amounts of alcohol. In this case, drug absorption into the blood may slow down and action duration may be reduced.

You should not use this medication with other medicinal products of the same action. This can lead to strong erection and further lead to hospitalization and treatment. It should also be noted that Levitra can be taken on an empty stomach and with food. This fact does not affect duration and effect of the drug. Although if the food is very fatty absorption into the body may be slowed down and time to onset of action of this drug may be increased.

Low-Cost Levitra

Only in Canadian Health&Care Mall, you can buy cheap Levitra online with delivery in every corner of the world right to your door.

If you want to save money, you can buy Levitra online! You will receive it from our pharmacy, which includes the same active ingredient – Vardenafil. This cost online is by several times lower than in regular pharmacy. Buying this medication online, you are saving money – just think about it.

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Why is Buying Online Cheaper?

Turnover of generic medicines for potency enhancement in the world is already by tens of times higher than sales of branded drugs. Levitra is a pill of brown color, which includes Vardenafil. The only difference is another brand (name on the package).

The composition is the same and cost for analogs is ten times lower! The thing is that original Levitra cost includes advertising, marketing, packaging costs, and, to tell the truth, bribes to various officials. It is for this reason that you will not find low-cost Vardenafil in a regular pharmacy. Buying it at low cost is only possible on the Internet.

Magic Power

Levitra and its analogs will help you deal with erectile dysfunction, strengthen erection and become more confident in bed. If you are not satisfied with brand version cost in your pharmacy, try to buy a low-cost version – all generics are manufactured on high-tech factories in India, they have passed complete clinical trials and has already won the love of customers around the world.


Only Canadian Health and Care Mall provides special offers. The more pills you buy, the more you get for free and the cheaper price for 1 pill is! Shelf-life period of generic is more than two years from the date of purchase, so you won’t have to throw unused pill away, you will surely use all of them after you make sure of their quality and effectiveness! And Levitra cost in our pharmacy is the lowest on the Internet.