Canadian Health&Care Mall has included in the assortmen the medication – Meldonium because this preparation is effective in cardiac disorders treatment. There is no demand to present prescription list. Meldonium is available for all.

It is a known fact that Meldonium is applied in sport to increase the exercise tolerance during loadings and neuropsychic loadings during competitions. Meldonium in this case has a positive influence on the sportsman’s organism.

What Action Does Meldonium Have?

Meldonium is considered to be structural analog of gamma-butyrobetaine, a substance having positive influence on energic metabolism in the man’s organism. Besides gamma-butyrobetaine effects and stimulates central nervous system.

In condition of high physical and phychological loadings meldonium regulates balance between oxygen delivery and oxygen utilizing in cells. It happens at the expense of processes stimulation of metabolism which is necessary for energy receiving.

In the conditions of high loadings the organism quickly loses forces and energy. When using a meldonium the organism trains to maintain high loadings, economically consuming oxygen and quickly restoring the energy resources for preparation for new loadings. It is possible to order Meldonium via Canadian Health&Care Mall attractively. All the details are described on our website alongside with prices and terms of ordering.


Meldonium, performing “the work” of gamma-butyrobetaine, promotes acceleration of nervous excitement transfer, speeding up, thus, muscle work and the general metabolism. Meldonium gives the chance to the athlete’s organism better to use its own opportunities to receive more energy, necessary for performance of this or that task. To athletes meldonium helps to cope with big physical and psychological activities.

In sport during trainings too high physical activities appear a time for human body. At the same time there is a consumption of a large amount of energy and in organism’s cells of the athlete there is a temporary decrease in fatty acids content (power source) and as soon as loadings decrease, fatty acids collect in cells again. Meldonium forces cells to adapt to lack of fatty acids that is a peculiar training. The cells prepared thus survive where unprepared perish. That is endurance of an organism to physical activities increases. To purchase meldonium it is required to have a prescription list but Canadian Health&Care Mall becomes it possible to purchase this medication without any prescription lists at all.

The same happens also at high psychological loadings which are characteristic of sports competitions. The nervous cells prepared by meldonium allow athletes easier to maintain stresses, keeping at the same time intellectual functions and necessary physical shape.

Thanks to the unique mechanism of action, meldonium, depending on the appointed dosage, it is widely applied also at treatment of various diseases, and to increase in working capacity at healthy people at high physical and psychological activities.

Really speaking meldonium is been included in the List of Prohibited Medications and Methods only on the 1st of January, 2016 by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) because this medication is started to be consumed by people in greater dosages in comparison the application for various cardiac diseases’ treatment.