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Propecia (finasteride) is a medicinal means, a hormonal medical product that is also used to treat hair loss in men. It is produced in the form of pills and taken orally. Propecia from hair loss has established itself in the United States as number 1 means in the fight against anrogenic alopecia.

Canadian Propecia (finasteride) drug usually contains a detailed instruction for use. Initially, this medicine was developed by «Merck» company and was released on the market under the name Proscar. It was designed to treat enlarged prostate in men. During tests, its side effect was accidentally noticed – growth of hair on head of tested subjects. So back in 1997 by the US Food and Drug Administration finasteride was approved in amount of 1 mg for treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men. Generic Propecia (finasteride) reviews, on the US consumer market, were only positive. According to Canadian Pharmacy Mall research among male population, the drug ranks second among medicines for male population after Viagra.Male-pattern Alopecia

What is Propecia Effectiveness in Alopecia Treatment?

Generic Propecia (finasteride) drug for alopecia can work miracles. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main cause that adversely affects hair follicles in men, as in women who have overabundance of this androgen in the body, which is very rare compared to men. Sebaceous glands and prostate tissue are also exposed to DHT effect.

DHT Effect on Hair Loss

How does this actually happen? Inside cells testosterone hormone is converted into its aggiven form (DHT) by interaction with 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. So, it is influence of DHT on skin structure, hair follicles and sebaceous glands that leads to hair loss. Not testosterone causes your troubles, as it is commonly believed among common people, but its active form – DHT!

If a man has a gene that promotes hair loss in your body, he begins to grow bald, as hair follicles on his head are extremely sensitive to DHT.

Propecia Effect on DHT

This drug is able to interfere with activity of 5-alpha-reductase type 2 enzyme, which promotes conversion of testosterone into its active form dehydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus finasteride lowers level of DHT in scalp of patient and helps to keep hair on head intact.

Effective Means for Alopecia

Clinical trials of this drug, as far as we know, have been carried out during 5 years in 16 countries: USA, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France and others. Results of these clinical trials were published in international medical journal, in the so-called article by Kaufman K. D. which was called «Long-term (5 years) multinational experience with this drug 1 mg in treatment of androgenic alopecia in men».

And so, data of study showed that taking 1 mg of finasteride (aka Propecia):

  • is one of the most effective and safe means in the fight against male-pattern alopecia, regardless of nationality and race of all subjects;
  • Propecia also helps to reduce hair loss, improves by several times their condition and most importantly, stimulates growth of new hair. In 86% of subjects after systematic Propecia intake hair loss stopped, and in 65% of subjects new hair began to grow. Two years after beginning taking the drug, these figures were even more successful. So we can with certainty say that Propecia does work for most patients.

There were also side effects from generic Propecia. Decrease in libido was observed, but only in 3% of men. At the same time, side effects completely disappeared after stopping taking the medication.

How Soon and What Results to Expect from Taking Propecia in Dosage of 1 mg

As manufacturers say, from the first day of administration there is a significant reduction in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level.

Approximately in 3 months hair loss slows down. They cease to fall out intensely. After half a year, you can notice an even greater reduction in hair loss and even growth of new hair.

After 12 months, majority of patients taking the drug observed improvement of healthy existing hair, plus new hair grows on the site of previously lost hair. Also one important point should be noticed, if after 12 months the drug has not given you any results, then it is unlikely to help you at all.Canadian Pharmacy Propecia is №1 means to fight with androgenic alopecia in men

According to statistical data of Canadian Health&Care Mall, the following results were revealed in men who took this drug for five years:

  • after 2 years of taking Propecia: 99% of men noted complete cessation of hair loss, among these patients, 66% of men observed growth of new hair;
  • after 5 years of taking Propecia:

    • 90% of men reported very positive results in condition of their hair: this is either complete cessation to their loss, or growth of new ones on the place of those fallen out;
    • two out of three men noted growth of new hair on their head;
    • majority of patients observed significant improvement in hair condition, which was confirmed directly by doctors;
    • most patients confirmed that their bald areas became much smaller in diameter or disappeared completely.

In January 1998 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved use of Propecia pills to treat baldness (hair loss) in men. Active component of Propecia is finasteride, which was approved for use in therapeutic practice in 1992 for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. Patients who received 1 mg of Propecia noted growth of hair on crown and on frontal part of head, that is, in places of typical male pattern baldness (according to materials of «Remedium» journal).

Propecia Action

propecia for hair lossDoes Canadian Propecia work? You already know that reason why men lose their hair is, as most researchers believe, excessive accumulation of male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles. Accumulation of this hormone compresses follicle until hair ceases to grow and dies. Propecia immediately blocks formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which leads to cessation of hair loss, resumption and activation of their growth.

Not so long ago on Regrowth! website published five most effective drugs used to treat androgenic alopecia – most common form of alopecia. According to experts, indisputable leader of this cohort is generic Propecia. Propecia price today is one of the lowest for products of the same action in Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

Prior to appearance of Propecia, minoxidil was undisputed leader of such ratings. The main advantage of Propecia is its high efficiency. Judge yourself: according to results of clinical trials of Propecia, hair stopped falling out in 85% of patients; resumption of hair growth after a year of treatment was observed in 50%, and two years later – in 66% of participants in tests. Unfortunately, the drug did not show such brilliant results in women. Moreover, it is completely contraindicated to them. It was found that finasteride may be the cause of congenital anomalies in fetus, if used by women during pregnancy.

Propecia manufacturer (Merck&Co., Inc.) is so concerned about this bad property of its own creation that recommends that women of child-bearing age do not even touch this pill at all or use rubber gloves if contact is unavoidable. The main side effect of Propecia – some weakening of sexual potency in men – was observed in clinical trials in only 0,5% of cases. After discontinuation of the drug, sexual function was completely restored.

Propecia is approved for use in the USA, France, England, Italy, many other European countries, as well as in New Zealand, Australia and other countries of the world.

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Alopecia is one of the most unpleasant diagnoses for young women and men. Nevertheless, this disease manifests itself often in men aged 20 – 30 years. When first symptoms become evident, drug treatment of the disease comes «into play». Modern market offers sufficient number of drugs – Canadian Propecia is the most prominent representative of this category of medicines. But is it worth hoping for a result in cases when even surgery is useless? Does generic Propecia actually work?

You can determine this by collecting all data on Propecia: reviews, instructions and statistical data.

Generic Propecia Description

Propecia, which is in fact another name of such product as finasteride, became available to consumers only in 1992. Despite this, careful studies have been conducted and the results are very entertaining, because some data prove effectiveness of finasteride preparations, while others refute them.

To understand if this drug is suitable for hair restoration or not, first, it is enough to get acquainted with indications for its use. Propecia has narrow list of indications, which includes only androgenetic alopecia, also called male-pattern baldness. In all other cases, the drug is likely to be ineffective. Moreover, women are categorically forbidden to use this drug, same as children.generic propecia canadian healthcare mall

Propecia with the help of finasteride in its composition blocks synthesis and activity of dihydrotestosterone, which provokes hair loss. Further, hair loss stops, there is growth of new hair on affected areas.

In general, Propecia reviews speak about such results:

  • appearance of new hair;
  • strengthening of cuticle;
  • reduction in the number of split ends;
  • healthy look of hair.

However, although Propecia stops hair loss and resumes their growth, it does not guarantee cure for alopecia. In simple words, it eliminates symptoms, but does not treat the disease.

After discontinuing treatment with Propecia, patient hair returns to initial position within a year. And since Propecia price is quite high, before you start treatment and buy the drug, you need to ask yourself if you will be able to continue until the end of life.

Propecia Instructions and Side Effects

Propecia’s instruction contains all necessary information on how to take the drug: one pill is enough, regardless of amount and time of meals. That is, daily dose of Propecia is 1 mg of the drug.

According to customers reviews on Propecia, to notice first results, it is necessary to regularly apply the drug for at least 3 months, to maintain the result it must be used until the end of life without interruptions. And Propecia cost may not allow this luxury to everyone.

Propecia, which can be bought in Canadian HealthCare Mall, is more difficult than other drug, fraught with a big threat: even a small amount on skin of pregnant woman can cause significant anomalies in development of reproductive system of fetus. Therefore, neither children nor women are allowed to use finasteride. This explains another side effect observed in men: prolonged use of the drug may cause impotence.

The drug is also contraindicated to those who have individual intolerance in relation to its components. Before you buy Propecia for hair loss, you need to visit doctor.

Generic or Brand

Generic Propecia is a complete analogue of popular drug, which became a brand. High price for Propecia is explained by high costs for developing and conducting clinical trials, testing and promotion of the brand. Developers of generics are moving along already beaten track and produce drugs according to exact formulas of authors. The only difference is that these medicines can not be sold under brand name. But there are obvious advantages of generic forms. You buy a medicine that is completely identical to original in its pharmacological action and chemical composition, but at a much lower price. Numerous reviews about generic Propecia prove that it is no less effective than the original drug. You may fins such reviews on our website or in the Internet on defferent forums.

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You will have amazing hair, all you need is to take the drug, according to recommendations of developers. To feel young, to see in the mirror a man younger than his real age is possible in the next few months!

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Canadian Pharmacy Propecia is one of the most effective means for treating baldness among male half of population. As Canadian Healthcare Mall practice shows, when taking this drug, hair growth is noticeably stimulated, hair loss is stopped, hair quality in general is improved. In general, hair becomes more thick, healthy and, as a result, attractive. Those who decided to buy Propecia online, note: the product significantly contributes to saturation of …

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What is Propecia and How does it Work? Finasteride is the name of the substance contained in medicine, which has become known as one of the most effective treatment methods for androgenetic alopecia (hair loss). Canadian Propecia is now sonld in almost all pharmacies of the world and you can easily buy this means without prescription. Many of you may have heard another commercial name for the product – Proscar, …

In addition to many other drugs, there is another substance with proven results in treatment of hair loss – finasteride (Propecia, Proscar). The only symptom is male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) in men. Its effect is based on inhibition of conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The results of this treatment are impressive, as hair loss is significantly slowed and lost hair is restored to a certain extent. Treatment of …

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