Stendra (Avanafil) is a new modern effective drug that is used by men to remove the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, its advantages surpass famous Viagra and other similar drugs of this group.

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The product has the same properties as the «blue pill», successfully copes with erectile disorders of varying severity, improves quality of sex and returns self-confidence to men. This drug differs from Viagra with minimal contraindications and longer and faster action.

The Joy of Intimate Life with Stendra!

Despite the fact that many consumers call the drug Avanafil, it is not its trade name. «Vivus Inc» company produces a new ED drug. The brand is patented and belongs to the same manufacturer.

The drug is a huge success, developers set out to release a modern alternative to Viagra and they succeeded. Other developers (e. g., Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.) established generics of Stendra – its full analogs. These drugs have retained all properties of the original means and have become much cheaper, the result is not changed.

Main Advantages of Stendra

Main advantages of Stendra

What experts think about this drug? Doctors are mostly positive about these pills, and most consumers confirm the main advantages of Stendra:

  1. Fast action. The result is already seen in 20 minutes after reception – powerful erection appears.
  2. Prolonged effect. The drug can restore sexual power for as much as 6 hours and sometimes more. During this time, men can often engage in sexual intercourses, if they experience the sexual excitement.
  3. 100% result. Not for nothing consumers’ reviews on this drug are very positive. Even at complete impotence these pills are effective and return ability to perform full sexual intercourse. The drug is also used to correct minor erectile disorders.
  4. Security. The drug is well tolerated by the male body, does not affect nervous and reproductive systems functioning, does not inhibit mental and physical activity.
  5. Minimal adverse reactions from the body. In rare cases, after receiving the tablet, men feel mild headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion, hot flashes. Adverse effects disappear quickly and do not cause much discomfort.
  6. Minimal contraindications. Stendra can be taken when necessary by all men between 18 and 65 years in absence of individual intolerance of substances included in its composition. Simultaneous reception of avanafil and nitrate containing drugs is contraindicated.
  7. Quality. The drug is produced by Indian pharmaceutical company, which has long been engaged in manufacturing generic drugs intended to eliminate sexual disorders in men and women. Products from this manufacturer have earned trust of millions of consumers and are in high demand worldwide.
  8. Affordability. In our specialized online pharmacy Canadian Health&Care Mall, you can buy Stendra pills based on avanafil at an affordable price.
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If there observed symptoms of impotence, weak erection and you are disturbed by other problems of intimate nature, it is necessary to buy the certified ED drug (Avanafil), read about benefits and side effects, as well as reviews available on our website. After applying this drug, every man can be convinced of its high efficiency and reliability. Feel young and full of energy again!