Do you know how many men are frustrated each day because of inability to perform sexual intercourse? The number of sufferers is hundreds of millions! For some time as the aid for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction Viagra came. But preparation has a lot of disadvantages. However, this drug has opened a new era in erectile dysfunction treatment.

Generic Levitra is a more recent development of doctors in the same field. We are going to start with some figures that suggest that this drug is really better than drugs produced earlier. Drug manufacturers and scientists from many countries have conducted almost one hundred clinical trials to prove Levitra effectiveness.

How Effective is Levitra?


In clinical trials, men of all ages up to ninety years were involved. The causes of erectile dysfunction include a wide range of subjects. When using a standard dosage of the medication, an improved erectile function was observed in eighty-five percent of the participants during this experiment.

If we come to a more individual dosage, the drug effectiveness reaches ninety-two percent that’s why before you buy Levitra you’d better consult the doctor regarding the dosage and use. This drug helps even those men for whom Viagra did not help at all. According to scientists, sixty-two percent of men who unsuccessfully used this drug were quite pleased with its action.

In this case, Levitra can cure impotence, even in patients suffering from diabetes. In the group of such patients, a similar efficacy of generic Levitra was seventy-two percent. About seventy percent of patients who underwent prostate removal also noted the effective action. More often you do not even need to use the largest dosage, the dosage increase is required for patients suffering from severe form of erectile dysfunction.

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Ninety-two percent of men feel improvement taking 10 mg. It should also be noted that body is not accustomed to Levitra action and does not require a constant increase in drug dose. With its powerful activity, the drug has fewer side effects than drugs of the same category. This is due to the fact that vardenafil is valid for those enzymes that are located in penis without affecting almost similar enzymes found in other parts of the body.

So you can hardly worry about side effects while using Levitra. Only two percent of men using this drug complain of visual perception change. Rhinitis occurs in ten percent of men, some changes in digestion observed in four percent of men. Cheeks redness occurs in twelve percent of patients who use the generic drug and more often, in sixteen percent of cases, there has been a slight headache.

But do not worry, all side effects go away pretty quickly. The main contraindications for Levitra are a serious cardiac and blood vessels disorders. If your heart condition is on the level, you can quite safely take this drug. There are some limitations for taking vardenafil in combination with other drugs. Therefore, before using this ED medication, read the instructions for use and consult a doctor.

In milder forms of erectile dysfunction, try using herbal supplements (nutraceuticals). They can be very effective if properly select a supplement. Before use, you need to consult a specialist or contact Canadian Health and Care Mall via e-mail: