Erectile dysfunction has become such a common problem that 10 out 100 men go through it. The problem requires to be addressed and treated properly, as if left ignored or untreated, it may cause various emotional as well as physical issues like anxiety, stress, nervousness etc. It may affect a person’s relationship with his partner too.

Canadian Health&Care Mall says that the good part about ED is that it can be cured, if it is taken care of properly. The first thing in this regard is seeing a urologist. This is important, as he may be able to find the cause for your ED, and may suggest the best way to treat it. As ED maybe caused due to various reasons which may physical or even emotional. Therefore, its treatment needs to be aimed in the right direction.

Though there are hundreds of drugs available in the market to treat ED in men, but most of them show very little or no result, plus there are many other health risks associated with them. For example, if you are a heart patient, or have high blood pressure, and are taking medicines of nitrate combination, or popper, then an ED drug may cause very high blood pressure or some other serious side effects.

There are various other ways which may be helpful in treating your ED. The most important of them is making some lifestyle changes. Here are some very simple to adapt lifestyle changes which may change your ED into a good performance in bed.

Exercise daily

Healthy diet

When it comes to any health problem, a healthy diet is the first and the most important thing to consider. Since sexual activity is all about energy levels and good blood circulation, therefore one must consume a healthy diet to derive that required energy from it. Reducing the fatty things and adding more of fresh fruits and veggies into your daily diet will help improve the blood circulation in the body, including your penis. This will also help control your heart health and the diabetes too, claims Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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Exercise daily

Following a regular exercise schedule of 30 minutes may make surprising improvements in your health in your sex life as well. This is because exercise enhances energy levels and also helps in reducing stress levels.  It increases blood flow and helps removing the clog from the arteries and veins, which may a reason for your ED.

Quit drinking and smoking

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall, men who consume a lot of alcohol or smoke excessively, have higher risk of having erectile dysfunction problem. So, living a sober life plays an important role in this regard. Besides ED, this may help curing various other physical and emotional issues like heart attack, stroke, cancer, anxiety, low self esteem and so on.

Eliminate stress

Eliminate stress

Stress is said to be a silent killer. It can kill a person’s health. Your sexual life is directly concerned with your stress levels.  A stressed out man will find no or very less sex desire and this impacts his erection too. Hence, try and remove any stress from your life. This can be done by discussing your personal or professional issues with your partner or friends. If need be, you can take advice from a doctor.  Do not let your heart become a closed compartment of all your worries and anxieties. Share them with your near and dear ones and you may find a way to get rid of them and stay happy.

Get your medications changed

Canadian Health&Care Mall expresses that various studies have shown that there may be certain medications which may lead to ED in a person. For example, some medicines for depression and of high blood pressure may cause ED in some patients. So, if you suspect with your new medication you are finding it difficult to get or sustain an erection, do not hesitate and consult your physician immediately. He or she may reduce the doses or may change the combination which may resolve your ED problem.

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Try indulging in sexual activities

It may be easier said than done, but you need to keep trying it.  Taking interest in sexual activities can help you reduce ED and may also aid in getting better erections. You can indulge in various other sex methods like oral sex.

These little changes may turn into milestone in curing your erectile dysfunction.