Taking more than one type of medication for any ailment is never considered to be wise. Men suffering from a health problem tend to go for combination drugs to get faster recovery or get drastic improvement in no time.

A study done by Canadian Health&Care Mall on around 37,000 ethnically different men, suggested that taking quite a lot of drugs may lead to severe ED. Earlier specified medications used to be obtained from pharmacy documents. But today, with the internet offering online pharmacies and these pharmacies offering miraculous medicines has made thousands of men fall prey to them. We get numerous emails and messages from various manufacturers for ED drugs at affordable prices, and seeing the huge claims and the convenience of buying a drug at cheaper rates, we buy them either online or without a prescription. Oftentimes, these medicines, instead of doing any good, may increase the existing problem or create a new one.

Multiple drugs may introduce ED problem

As per Canadian Health&Care Mall, 29% of men accepted that they experienced erectile dysfunction. The research further disclosed that the ED frequency was further linked with taking multiple medication online. For those who were taking up to two medicines, the prevalence of ED was 15.3%; and among those who were taking medications up to five, it was around 20%, but for those who took more than five medications at a time, it came out to be 27%.  Different combinations of different medications may react with the body in such a manner that may cure or prevent the current problem, but may give rise to a new problem, and erectile dysfunction is a common one in them.

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Change in your lifestyle

Consulting a doctor is a must

If someone is having erection problem, than trying the over the counter drugs or two-three medications at one time, is not the solution for the problem. On the other hand, it may enhance your agony. The best way to deal with ED is to consult a urologist and seek his advice. If you are already taking any over the counter medications, then you must inform your doctor about it and see if they need to be replaced by a more suitable drug or any of the medications need to be stopped.

According to a study to rectify the problem of erectile dysfunction in men, it is very necessary to know the ingredients of the medication that he is currently taking and its potential side effect. Then, it is only up to the medical expert to decide the further line of treatment for the person suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Make a change in your lifestyle

AlcoholismED is a problem that affects a huge number of men in the U.S. and around the globe, says Canadian Health&Care Mall. Earlier reviews have shown that 35 percent of men over the age of 60 endure from ED well. This statistics is a bit alarming but unfortunately, is true. The reason behind this fact includes couple of reason which have emerged in the recent years due to changing lifestyle and stressful life, including thyroid illnesses, high level of depression, stress, side effects of some medications, coronary artery ailment, alcoholism, smoking, trauma, and some sort of surgery. These types of conditions generally affect the body and scale down the level of nitric oxide, the important neurotransmitter which initiates and helps in maintaining an erection for sufficient period of time. Learn more about the reason of erectile dysfunction: http://www.joslin.org/info/sexual_dysfunction_causes_and_symptoms.html.

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The problem of erectile dysfunction has become a core reason for dissatisfaction between partners. So it is always suggested for a man to share his problem with his partner, so that she can understand it and help him out in getting it cured. This will help them to deal with the problem in a mutually cooperative manner.

The researchers keep on finding ways to rectify the problem of erectile dysfunction but many doctors say that there are many things in the hand of patient through which they can rectify the things to a great extent, emphasises Canadian Health&Care Mall. One can cure the problem as well as reduces the changes of erectile dysfunction by changing the life style, changing the diet regime, adding some sort of physical workout and so on. These will not only rectify the problem of ED, they also check the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and some similar problem which also leads to erectile dysfunction.