There is a new topical gel which can be applied to the penis in order to overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction. Some men suffering from impotence can use it to achieve an erection. Be that as it may, some users of this gel reported experiencing an uncomfortable sensation. At the same time, the effects of this gel on the partners are still unknown.

What Is the Topical Gel?

The gel in questions contains a substance known as alprostadil. This substance is like a hormone. The gel also contains an agent called SEPA which is used to deliver the alprostadil to the body through the skin on the penis.

Previous research has already identified alprostadil to be capable of enhancing erections. However, an injection was the only way to administer this substance previously. It seems that the topical form of treatment can also work with this drug to help patients with erectile dysfunction. Topical gel as well as Stendra approved by FDA are effective at erectile dysfunction treatment. Know more about these medications following the link –


The Study on Alprostadil Gel

In a study, 48 men suffering from impotence were given a topical gel. Some of these men received a topical gel containing alprostadil while others were simply given a placebo. The study had the following results.

  • Around 67% to 75% of the men using alprostadil managed to achieve an erection.
  • The placebo group experienced only a 17% success rate.

There were no cases of serious side effects noticed in the study. However, almost all of the patients reported that they had experienced a warm sensation on application of the gel. This sensation went away within 5 to 20 minutes. On the other hand, this was experienced by the placebo group as well.

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Around 20% of the men using alprostadil gel experienced discomfiture along the penis. According to the researchers in charge, it is believed that alprostadil is the culprit for this discomfort. There was no evidence or instances of serious skin conditions among the participants.

The Future of This Treatment

The researchers pointed out the fact that gel treatments for impotence have largely been ineffective even though they seem like an attractive proposition. Moreover, these treatments tend to have a number of side effects.

A critical issue with the alprostadil treatment is the sensation of discomfort. Patients may not like experiencing such a sensation when using gels for achieving erections. Additionally, the effects of the gel on the partners need to be studied. This question is described in the article “Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction When Viagra Fails to Work“.

Oral Medications as Treatments

The most common form of medications to treat erectile dysfunction has always been pills. These pills are meant to be ingested orally. Such medications are known to have a high success rate. Their effectiveness is one of the reasons why they have become very popular. Moreover, purchasing these medicines is not a big problem as they are easily available from Canadian Health&Care Mall. Some of the most popular ones are given below.

  • Canadian Pharmacy Viagra;
  • Generic Cialis;
  • Generic Levitra.

These medications do have certain side effects. Allergies are another possibility. However, the risks of developing those side effects are pretty low. In fact, these medications are generally considered to be safe.

Injections as Treatments

Injections as Treatments

Alprostadil is one of the drugs that can be injected in order to achieve an erection. The injection method is known to be capable of ensuring that the patients manage to achieve erections instantly. However, this treatment is not as effective as that of oral medications.

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Another important facet about injections is that the side effects can be quite severe. It is possible for the users to suffer from erections that last for over 4 hours. Apart from being painful, this can also lead to priapism and even permanent erectile dysfunction. Scarring of the penis is another possible side effect.

Penile Implants as Treatments

While oral medications from Canadian Health&Care Mall and other treatment options fail, doctors will generally ask the patient to go for penile implants. This is a surgical option in which a device is inserted into the penile region. On activating the device, the patient will be able to achieve an erection. It is possible to get an erection in a short period of time with these devices. There are very few side effects of this method all of which are extremely rare. Being permanently implanted, these devices can be used anytime to achieve an erection.